moses basket set - wicker

$198 $279

keep baby close wherever you go with our new hand-crafted wicker basket set: featuring a foam pad, sheet and quilted basket liner. 

set includes:

wicker basket

basket pad 

100% organic cotton gauze puckered sheet in milk

100% organic cotton quilted gauze liner in milk


basket dimensions:

34"L x 11"H x 17"W (width = top of basket)


safety instructions: 

Never leave your basket on a high surface.

These baskets are for stationary use only. The handles are only for aid when carrying an empty basket.

These baskets are suitable for babies up to 18 lbs who cannot sit up unaided or roll over and cannot push up on their hands and knees.

These baskets are not to be used with any other pillow or mattress.

These baskets should not be used for overnight sleep.


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