zen swaddle

I'm excited to tell you about the new swaddle we've been testing out, the Zen Swaddle. Baby sleeps best with your palm on their chest, they love the security. This swaddle blanket features lightly weighted pads to mimic mom or dad's touch. Anything to help get in those zzzz's for mama - err I mean baby ;) We upgraded to a 6 hour stretch using this swaddle from the previous 3-4. The swaddle itself is also great. The fabric is very soft, design is simple and my favorite is that there's no zippers so it's super easy to take on and off. That is a must-have feature for those nighttime diaper changes. 

Try it out for yourself, you can buy it here. Use code PR-MAKELMG for 15% off! If your babe has grown out of swaddles then you can also buy their lightly weighted sleep sack. Genius! Let me know if it helps you get some sleep! You can see below how much Tripp loves it.... :)

August 02, 2017 — Makel Gardner