Winter Baby Essentials
Hi! My name is Jacey Caldwell and I am a “boy-mom.” My husband, Josh, and I have 3 sweet (and very loud) little boys – Rush (3), Ezra (15 months), and Jenson (8 weeks). We live in Colorado near the beautiful Rocky Mountains and can’t imagine a more perfect set up for us.  Because our boys are all very close in age, it never fails that we get the “you look like you have your hands full” comment every time we take the boys out of the house.  And here’s the thing: we do and we love it!
All three of our boys have been winter babies, which I personally have loved. The many nights we have spent cuddling a newborn by the fire with cookies and books while the snow is falling outside will forever be some of my favorite memories. I love winter babies because you get to bundle them up in all the clothes and give them all the snuggles!  But I’m very particular about what I put them in (and on) and when searching for what I needed for our newest baby, Jenson, I had a very small and specific list of things in mind. I am a huge believer in “quality over quantity” when it comes to most areas in my life but finding quality that I’m not willing to settle on has come with a lot of trial and error. But, after having searched over the years and discovered what I really want AND need, I felt like by the time Jenson came (which was this past December) I finally had a good idea of what I would consider must-haves for any winter baby. So, let me share them with you and help my fellow picky-moms learn from my mistakes and time spent searching.  If you are about to welcome your first little one or you just haven’t figured out what’s best for those winter months, I put together my favored winter essentials as guide - enjoy!
February 17, 2019 — Makel Gardner