what's in my diaper bag

thought I'd do a quick, what's in my diaper bag post since I have to share this amazing bag with you all from SoYoungThe size is perfect! It looks small and is easy to carry but it has SO much room and organization inside. There's three different zipper compartments which I love to keep mine and baby's things separate. Here's the specs, which I actually thought was impossible to find all in one bag, like I am amazed. 

  • Canvas exterior with vegan leather straps
  • Shallow bottom with no black hole effect
  • Contrasting interior lining with clear and mesh pockets 
  • Laminated and wipeable interior compartments
  • Completely insulated interior compartment to hold snacks - also fits a 13" laptop
  • Back slide pocket for bulky items such as blanket, newspaper or umbrella
  • Dedicated sunglass, cellphone and wallet pockets
  • Two insulated bottle pockets
  • Detachable messenger strap
  • Backpack conversion option
  • Laminated change mat
  • Adjustable stroller straps

Here's what we keep inside!

1. Tote Savvy - This bag already has a ton of pockets so it's not really needed but I already have it filled up to easily switch bags or just take the tote in my stroller etc. This thing is so convenient. (I have the mini). 

2. Diapers and wipes....obviously. I like to keep at least 4-5 extra diapers for any outing. 

3. Arm & hammer bags - Tripp has at least 3 blow outs per week which means these bags are used a lot to keep poopy clothes away from everything else in my bag. Plus they're scented!

4. Two extra outfits or onesies, for reasons mentioned above!

5. A sun hat or bonnet just in case it gets too sunny or too cold.

6. A blanket for naps/covering etc. I love this one from Max and Moose.

7. a rattle or teething toy. Love this classic rattle from Little Sapling Toys.

8. Changing mat. The bag comes with one but I extra love the leather mats from Gathre

9. Pacifier and paci wipes. We use the wipes for pacifiers, nipple shield and pump parts if I need to pump while we're out. 

10. Planner. I never go anywhere without my planner, keeps my brain in check. These new custom ones from Golden coil are bomb, we have our full review here.

11. Wallet (mine above is from Ellie and June), chapstick, hand sanitizer and hair brush. 

12. Sometimes I pack a pumped bottle for convenience and I always have a couple snacks for myself and my 4 year old.

13. Suction pump & nursing pads - For the early days of breastfeeding when my supply hasn't regulated yet and I'm a milk machine.

14. My Wildbird sling, I have this one in bamboo and it's as soft as it is beautiful. 

And I can also fit my laptop in there for long trips! Anything you keep in your diaper bag that I'm missing?



August 02, 2017 — Makel Gardner