Veggie Pin DIY with Kay Haupt

January 14, 2017 0 Comments

Veggie Pin DIY with Kay Haupt

I love working with wool felt! It’s easy, forgiving, and often can create something adorable in under ten minutes. Who doesn’t love a craft like that? When I came up with the idea for these veggie pins it was almost like a no-brainer. They were so quick and simple, not to mention incredibly cute. All you need is a few simple supplies, some creativity, and a few minutes of free time.
I decided to make a little broccoli pin + a carrot pin. In essence, that’s two shades of green and one shade of orange. I also thought a lemon, strawberry, corn, or pumpkin could be cute to try, too! Let’s start!

A couple of sample squares of wool felt
Embroidery thread in coordinating colors
Stick-On Metal Pin Backs

Creating the shapes to your veggies is pretty simple! I don’t have a pattern to share with you, as I figured most anyone could draw a cartoon outline for a piece of broccoli. I decided to draw directly onto the felt with a pen, but you could also cut some shapes out of paper and use them as a makeshift pattern. Draw your shapes! For the broccoli, I cut out two stalk pieces and one detail piece in dark green. For the carrot, I cut out two green tops and two orange bodies. For the broccoli, stitch the dark green detail piece to the light green body piece of felt.
With your embroidery thread, stitch a face onto the bodies of the veggies. I used French Knots for eyes, a line stitch for the cheeks, and Back Stitch for the mouths.
For the carrot, attach the green top to the orange body for both sides.
Line up the backs of the veggie bodies to the fronts. Begin to stitch around the edges on the bodies until they are attached.
Peel and stick your metal pin backing to the backs of the pins. That’s it!

I just thought these turned out so cute. They look adorable attached to a little one’s backpack or onto their jacket. Have fun getting creative and making your own little veggies!

xoxo Kayla