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Traveling with littles is not the easiest thing but can be so so amazing! My husband and I have taken quite a few 15+ hour trips the last 3 years with littles and each trip holds all sorts of fun. Whether you are planning one last summer adventure, looking ahead to fall break, or planning to visit family for the holidays, I wanted to share some of our tips and tricks to make things go as smoothly as possible. 

The first tip I have is make sure everyone is comfortable. Fin & Vince essentials are perfect for traveling. Yes they are comfortable but they also are the cutest pieces you will find. Perfect for any photo op that might present itself. 

Babies: We have found that having everything you might need in the front seat with you is the best way to help your tiny ones. We like to keep the essentials in the side compartment of the passenger side door. If you don’t have that, a small tub or basket is good too. Inside we always kept diapers, wipes, a Gathre changing mat, a change of clothes, and two extra pacifiers. For an additional helpful tool bring along a small portable sound machine. 

Toddlers and big kids: We have two littles in the backseat so we were able to prepare a small basket to keep in between the car seats. In the basket I placed a few toys Henry would be able to reach for and enjoy throughout the trip; a cow, a pig, two dinosaurs, his Woody doll, a wooden camera, 3 board books, a small interactive book that plays music, and a Melissa and Doug Water Wow! The basket was nice because he could reach most things without my help and he had a good amount of small options but not too many that the backseat was consumed. 

An iPad/tablet can be your saving grace at times. We tried each day to keep it stored away until he woke up from his afternoon nap but at the same time if it comes out in the first few minutes of the trip, no judgment here. We found a great gadget at Target that holds the device in place on the headrest in front of them. We set up the show and put it into place that way he was hands free. 

Food: Bring all the snacks. I don’t think you heard me correctly, I mean all the snacks you can. We brought individual bags which made it easy to grab and hand over. Bentgo or Yumboxes are also fabulous for a divided box to allow for lots of different snacks and options. A tip I have received is to get a bead box at the craft store which allows for little quantities of lots of options. And finally for the times you run through and grab a meal on the go, ask for a cup holder to use as a plate. The holder is a perfect size for their little laps and allows for food, dips, and drinks to go in the sections. Genius right? 

You can plan ahead and have your schedule down to a T but the biggest advice I can give you is show yourself and your littles grace. Take it slow and even in the madness, smile because these days are so precious and will be ones you remember always. 

Xo- Allyse 


about allyse:

Allyse spends her days living her dreams with her two sweet boys and her wonderful husband in Memphis, TN. When she is away from her family you will find her teaching her junior kindergarten class. Follow her on Instagram, @allyseholcomb to see all of her daily adventures.

September 17, 2019 — Makel Gardner