tips for traveling with an infant

March 19, 2018 0 Comments

tips for traveling with an infant

I'm no expert on travel, but living in Vegas and having family in Utah we've had our fair share of road trips since Tripp was born. This last week I also had my first solo flight with Tripp, and 9 months is no walk in the park because they are BUSY and don't care so much about toys, I-pads or coloring yet. I wanted to share a few products and tips that made the flight with my 9 month old easier.

1. these toy straps

I attached toys for the stroller so he would be content through the security lines and waiting at the gate. We all know a baby's favorite toy trick is to throw them on the floor, this keeps them attached so they aren't dropping things on the dirty airport floor and losing them.  You can also to attach to high chairs at restaurants, we attach sippy cups, silicone feeders and toys. 

2. toys and activities that can attach on the straps. This adorable bunny has a pull/vibrate feature, a teething ring and textured features. Huge hit!

any toy with a handle to attach to the straps. We love the banana teether and this ring teether.  

This cute wooden book already has a velcro strap and it's darling!

3. This suction toy

I shared how I love using this toy at restaurants, and someone mentioned that they work great for the plane window...genius!

4. An absorbent bib with a strap. I got this bib on amazon, but the company no longer makes them. We will actually have some gauze bibs coming to our shop soon because I use this one so much and it's great for the leftover fabric. It keeps his clothes clean and dry through the day of traveling and I attach his binky and one teething toy so he has access throughout the day and it's not falling on the floor. Binky clips are great but he can usually tear them right off haha. 

5. Another tip that helped us was sitting in the back of the plane. The engine was super loud (which is a tad annoying for mom) but helped baby nurse and sleep because he wasn't distracted by conversations/announcements/etc. He also loves white noise so no need for my white noise machine. It also helped if he was fussy because not many people could even hear him with the noise. We made sure to ask the flight attendants right when we sat down if the flight was full and if we could move seats if it wasn't. I didn't pick my own seat and wanted a row to myself to nurse and for nap time. We got lucky and got our own row, but next time I think I'll be purchasing a seat for him even if I don't bring the carseat. I don't think he would have eaten or slept with someone sitting right next to me, it would have been miserable. 

6. Obvious, but cannot forget a plethora of snacks. We used yogurt melts, puffs, cheerios and veggie straws. 

What are your favorite traveling tips with an infant? I'm not sure we could handle more than a few hour flight at this age haha.