Ten Essential Items for a Winter Newborn

Welcoming a new little one makes for the tenderest, coziest of days. These items are a few of our most loved newborn essentials, especially in this season of winter when the air is a bit chillier and days more snug inside.

1. Beeswax hand and body balm to help nourish those extra dry areas and keep baby’s bum extra protected.

2. The cozy waffle blanket to make those newborn cuddles extra cute and special. This blanket is such a beautiful heirloom piece I hope to share through generations.  

3. A Solly Baby wrap for keeping your little one near while making your hot morning coffee or cozy winter dinner.

4. A knitted or pixie bonnet to warm those tiny ears.

5. Baby oil to help support the gentlest of skin through the winter months.

6. A wool and fleece suit to stay toasty while venturing outdoors.

7. The quilted crib blanket for an extra layer to baby's bassinet or basket.

8. Knit booties for added warmth on those little toes.

9. Snuggle Me Organic infant lounger to keep baby snuggled and comfortable when you need to be a bit more hands-free.

10. Footed snap-back romper or other cozy jammies, of course!

Wishing you gentleness and slowness in the newness of the first days with your little one. They are such treasured, fleeting, wonderful days.

Love, Emma

January 05, 2021 — Creative Team