hospital bag - kimberly stavros

hospital bag - kimberly stavros

Hospital Bag Essentials 

A Simple List of Hospital Bag Essentials 

We are nearing the 3-week mark for our second baby girl’s arrival and I am gathering all the essentials we will need for our hospital stay!  This second time around I will be packing a LOT less than I did the first time. Truth be told, I spent most of my time in a nightgown and robe, and utilized the items the hospital provided for me.  The most important thing is simplicity and comfort so you can enjoy those first few days with your fresh babe!

Essentials for Mom

  • Nursing friendly nightgown  – something comfy, soft and nursing friendly!  I found mine at Target and it’s perfect for nursing because it buttons up the front.

  • Comfy robe 

  • Nursing bras 

  • Warm socks 

  • Nursing friendly going-home outfit  – one of my biggest regrets the first time was not having a nursing friendly outfit to go home in.  When we were ready to leave, I realized I wasn’t able to nurse in the outfit I had on and had nothing else besides pajamas.  I am bringing a nursing friendly basic tee + comfy leggings to go home in this time.  

  • Leggings 

  • Basic toiletries – bring the basics so you can have a nice shower!  I’m bringing minimal beauty products, a good toner  and rosewater spray  to freshen up with.  Don’t forget hair ties, chap stick and a nail file.

  • Flip flops for showering

  • Breastfeeding essentials

    • Soothing gel pads 

    • Nipple shields – not everyone needs these but I will be bringing them based on my previous experience with breastfeeding.  At my hospital the lactation consultants also have them on hand if needed.

    • Nursing salves – using the new Tubby Todd nipple balm!

    • Boppy pillow 

    • Burp cloths 

    • Nursing cover – I am using this beautiful linen cover by Venice and Jane. 

Essentials for Baby

Again, I will be bringing much less for baby this time.  I had brought multiple outfits last time when in reality baby stays in a onesie and swaddles for most of their hospital stay.  You want to make it as easy as possible for yourself!  

  • Newborn layette outfit  – I thought I would take a lot more photos in the hospital, but in reality you just want to soak up all the newborn snuggles while you are there (not to mention you are exhausted and there are always nurses and visitors coming in and out!)  There isn’t much time for photos, but I am making sure to bring one nice outfit to take a ‘Hello I’m here!’ photo. You can’t go wrong with any of the items from Fin and Vince’s layette collection (which launched just in time for this baby!) These pieces are simple, classic and timeless; and I can’t get over how tiny and cute the newborn sizes are!

  • A few bonnets/knit hats – I’m bringing a couple options from Fin and Vince , Briar Handmade and Mercy Threads Shop .  

  • Solly Baby Swaddles - the absolute softest swaddles.

  • Baby blanket 

  • Pacifier – just in case!

  • Cross-body onesies – last time the hospital provided these but I will be bringing a few of my own. 

  • Baby mittens and socks

  • Going home outfit 


  • Camera 

  • Phone + extra-long charger

  • Notepad + pen – I like to write down baby’s schedule the old fashion way and also any notes I may want to remember from the nurses/doctors during my stay.

  • Drinks and Snacks – I will be bringing a lot more snacks and drinks, both for my husband and myself after delivery.  I’m going to make a Trader Joe’s run beforehand and get all kinds of yummy dry snacks, beef jerky, granola bars, fruit snacks, chocolates, as well as bring Gatorade and other drinks for us to have on hand.

  • Special big sister package – I put together a special gift for my older daughter Louisa when she visits which includes a big sister book , stickers and a coloring book, and a special stuffed animal for her to take home.  

  • Birdling Bags backpack  – I’m going to use this to pack all the hospital essentials they encourage you to take with you when you leave!

  • Lo and Sons Weekender Bag

And that’s it!  I’m keeping it super simple and easy this time around.  The hospital will provide so many of the things you need (like diapers, wipes, post-partum needs for mom, etc.) and you can always double check what they provide on your hospital tour!  

My bag has been packed and (mostly) ready to go since 35 weeks.  I have a printed checklist of everything I will need on my dresser and when I add something to the bag, I simply cross it off the list so I know exactly what I’ve been packing into it and can easily keep track when the time comes to leave.

I hope this post helps you when you begin to plan and pack your own hospital bag.  Let me know if there are any essentials you think should be added to my list, or things that were life savers for you in the hospital!  

Thanks for reading!



October 06, 2019 — Makel Gardner
Winter Baby Essentials

Winter Baby Essentials

Hi! My name is Jacey Caldwell and I am a “boy-mom.” My husband, Josh, and I have 3 sweet (and very loud) little boys – Rush (3), Ezra (15 months), and Jenson (8 weeks). We live in Colorado near the beautiful Rocky Mountains and can’t imagine a more perfect set up for us.  Because our boys are all very close in age, it never fails that we get the “you look like you have your hands full” comment every time we take the boys out of the house.  And here’s the thing: we do and we love it!
All three of our boys have been winter babies, which I personally have loved. The many nights we have spent cuddling a newborn by the fire with cookies and books while the snow is falling outside will forever be some of my favorite memories. I love winter babies because you get to bundle them up in all the clothes and give them all the snuggles!  But I’m very particular about what I put them in (and on) and when searching for what I needed for our newest baby, Jenson, I had a very small and specific list of things in mind. I am a huge believer in “quality over quantity” when it comes to most areas in my life but finding quality that I’m not willing to settle on has come with a lot of trial and error. But, after having searched over the years and discovered what I really want AND need, I felt like by the time Jenson came (which was this past December) I finally had a good idea of what I would consider must-haves for any winter baby. So, let me share them with you and help my fellow picky-moms learn from my mistakes and time spent searching.  If you are about to welcome your first little one or you just haven’t figured out what’s best for those winter months, I put together my favored winter essentials as guide - enjoy!
February 17, 2019 — Makel Gardner
lollipop - video monitor

lollipop - video monitor

I've been excited to share with you guys the coolest baby monitor camera. I wanted to use it for a few weeks before I wrote my review. Overall, this camera is amazing. Coolest one on the market right now! We have it attached to our crib for a perfect view of baby, and the night camera is awesome. My favorite feature is the built in white noise/lullabies. My baby has always had to have music or noise to sleep so this saved us on having to buy a separate sound machine. It's awesome for if you have a larger house and can't hear baby very well. You set the decibels in the app and even has cry detection so it will alert your phone if baby is crying and/or too much noise in the room. Also it took a whopping 10 minutes to set up...WINNING!! 

You can buy the Lollipop monitor HERE.  


attaches to crib for perfect view

comes will parts to use on the wall (for when baby starts standing and moving in the crib more)

bendy tail also allows you to made a stand to use on a dresser or shelf

built in lullabies & white noise

cry detection/alerts phone (great if baby's room is far away from yours or you have a bigger house)

you set decibels for when you want it to alert your phone

image is nice and crisp, even at night!! 

aesthetically pleasing

easy peasy to set up and connect to wi-fi

can access the camera from multiple devices (but shared account)




a tad delayed (maybe 2 seconds delay of real time) 

white noise sounds are on a loop but baby doesn't seem to mind 

app is a little slow when trying to get music to play 


November 12, 2017 — Makel Gardner
breastfeeding essentials

breastfeeding essentials

I got the opportunity to try out a few products made for breastfeeding women. Tripp is 6 weeks old now and I'm starting to feel like we got the hang of this n ursing thang. So I'm finally sharing my favorite products that I've tried out. These items are all what I use daily so I'm calling this your nursing survival kit :) These items help you get passed those first few tough weeks and you'll most likely continue using them throughout your nursing journey. 

1.  couple of daily nursing bras 

This bra from Kindred Bravely is my favorite. Very soft, good support, looks great under clothes, just enough room/stretch for engorgement, clips for easy feeding, what more do you need? 

If clamps in the back bother you I also have loved this bra from Ingrid & Isabel. It's a pullover style. It's a little more pricey but the fabric is more supportive. I definitely suggest sizing up with this bra, since it seems to run small. I thought a size small would work for me since I'm a size 4 (pre-pregnancy). But my boobs grew 3 cups sizes for nursing so the small was WAY too tight!  

2. couple of nursing bras for sleeping

The comfiest bra of all time from Kindred Bravely. I think I'll wear it to sleep for the rest of my life. 

3. couple of nursing tanks 

Love these from Ingrid & Isabel. Again keep in mind, like their bra they run a tad small. Their fabric is super thick and supportive, which is great for smoothing out those after-baby belly curves. I use the tanks for under non-nursing tees. You can lift your shirt and your belly is still covered to nurse in public. It's called the two-shirt method, game-changer. 

4. nursing nightgown

I live in these nursing nightgowns from Ingrid & Isabel. I interchange these with the sleeping bras mentioned above for nighttime. So so soft, I have in both black and pink!

5. afterband

BUY THE AFTER BAND! I'm 6 weeks postpartum and all of my clothing still looks ridiculous with my post baby belly. This sucks everything in and hides that post baby belly like a pro, a freakin PRO you guys. I also love that there's no velcro so you don't even notice it under your clothes. It's even super comfy, I forget that I'm wearing it! I've tried a few after bands and this one is by far the best!

6. nursing pads

Love these from Kindred Bravely. Super soft, made from organic bamboo. They absorb really well and have a water-proof backing. They are the best reusable pads I've tried and get softer after each wash. 

For night times, I found I preferred disposable. I know disposable isn't ideal but I make a crazy amount of milk in the beginning. Which means lots of leakage, especially at night. Once the reusable gets wet at all it's time to change them, so I couldn't keep up with washing them every two days. With disposable I can leave them in all night and never leak through, then I go back to the reusable in the morning since I'm not constantly leaking in the day. Here's my favorite disposable ones (these are NOT individually packaged which I found incredibly annoying and hated all that waste). 

7. great pump

After much research I decided on the Spectra S2 breast pump. I exclusively pumped for 10 months with my first with the Ameda pump but I much prefer the Spectra since trying it this time around. My favorite feature is the letdown mode, I think it really helps with the pain of pumping. I start with that mode on a low level then once it no longer hurts I switch over to regular (same level), then back to letdown mode at a higher level and keep moving up from there. I also love the nightlight feature!  Find out how to easily get a free pump with your insurance in this blog post.

I should also mention, if you plan on pumping at all whether it be for work, convenience or something else look into the Comotomo bottles. They work great for babies going from breast to bottle. Most breastfeeding moms I've talked to, prefer these over others! If you are on a budget, try the advent natural bottles first. They are more affordable and my baby actually likes both. So I'd prefer to buy the cheaper ones since you usually have to stick to the brand they like for the long haul. 

8. suction hand pump

If you don't plan on pumping much than this manual suction pump is for you. I'm going to buy one of these for every mother I know. Like I stated before, I have a crazy amount of milk in the first few weeks, breastfeeding is the messiest thing ever and I soak pads like every hour and I can soak like 4 bath towels from the side baby is not feeding on (ok maybe I'm exaggerating a bit), but it's messy you get the idea. I had NO IDEA how much milk was being wasted until I used this on the side that wasn't nursing on. I easily get 2-3 oz. per feeding....hello milk storage! Best part is it's only $9 for two. I also use to take off the edge of engorgement if baby sleeps longer between feedings and use in the car in case of engorgement emergency and I can't get home right away. Packing the pump is a pain and cleaning it is even worse. This is SO SO simple. I was skeptical that a simple suction could get so much milk out. My mind is seriously blown over this product and this is not sponsored haha I just love it that much! I bought two sets, one for the diaper bag, one for where I nurse at home and a couple for the car.

9. nipple cream

Best lanolin cream: Tubby Todd Nursing Salve 

Favorite non-lanolin cream: Motherlove Nipple Cream

On a budget? Try some good ol' coconut oil to prevent or help sore nipples.

 10. Boppy + linen cover

I love using my boppy to make nursing easy anywhere in the house. I can nurse easily in my chair in the nursery without it since it's narrow and has arm rests, so I mostly use the boppy when I want to nurse on the couch or my bed. Makes it so I'm hands free which is priceless for any mom. I love LOVE this linen cover from Madly Wish. I have a deep love for linen fabric and I love it's minimalist style and that it blends right in with my couch pillows/home decor.  

11. all the burp clothes

Love this 10-pack from Burt's Bees. Since I'm using a nipple shield, feeding can get messy. Tripp sometimes likes to unlatch during letdown, which means the shield tip is full of milk. He also loves to knock the shield off with his hands which also results in a huge mess. I've found it easiest to take a super absorbent burp cloth and tuck it under my boob in my nursing bra band. That way when he unlatches the milk just drops onto the burp cloth and doesn't leave my nursing bra or clothing (that I JUST washed 5 minutes ago) soaked in milk. Just a little tip I've found that helps me avoid extra washing and who doesn't need that? These are also incredible burp clothes just make sure you buy a billion or when you run out just resort to kitchen towels like I do ha! 

Can't forget the largest water bottle you can carry, chucked with ice, and 10 truck loads of snacks :) Couldn't live without these products! Breastfeeding is HARD. These products helped get me past that first few weeks. Now if only there was a product to help with latch haha How's your breastfeeding journey going? Any products you have loved?

July 05, 2017 — Makel Gardner
12 baby items I wish I'd had for baby #1

12 baby items I wish I'd had for baby #1

Baby items have come a long way in the 4 years since I had my last baby. Or maybe I was just clueless the first time around haha. Spending years in the baby industry forces you to know and love all the best baby products out there. I'm sharing twelve products that I wish I would have had with my first baby and I'm really not sure how I lived without them first time around ;)


1. All in one stroller 

Our top pick is the Uppababy Cruz for a few reasons. It's the only lightweight stroller (only 20lbs) that still has all the bells and whistles. You can change the seat from forward to backward, travel system-friendly (compatible with most popular carseats on the market), attach a ride on board, one step fold/stands when folded, full recline, and the basket is giant. It's also beautiful and easy to use. Win win! I've researched strollers for almost a year now haha (I'm a researcher to a fault) and no other stroller in it's class tops the Cruz for me. Since you're not getting the bassinet, it's a lot more affordable than the Vista. However the Vista is an awesome option if you're looking for a double stroller. 

PS they have a fun promo going on right now with this exact model. 5 lucky winners will get their purchase reimbursed if they find the golden ticket in their package! Check out the details HERE.

2. The Dockatot 

Lots of buzz about this new baby product! Awesome solution for co-sleeping, which we didn't plan with our first but it was the only way he'd sleep. It happens. It's also great for transitioning from cradle to crib and pretty genius for traveling. I've read awesome reviews about how babies sleep really well in their Dockatots, which is all any new parent I right? Tripp sleeps the best in his!


3. Nice plush Carseat 

our top pick was the Nuna Pipa. I was sold after I read this review. You can check out the full review here! Plus it uses the same adapters as the Maxi Cosi, which means it's compatible with the Uppababy strollers. PS the Dream drape is an amazing feature! Look how cozy Tripp is with the memory foam, I wish my seat in the car was this comfy :)


4. Moses Basket

 This Plum and Sparrow basket is beautiful and timeless! This will be baby's bed for the first few months, and I can't wait to pack it up for park naps, pool naps, and more! Also love how the dock a tot fits inside!

5. All the baby carriers 

Carriers weren't as big as they are now when my first, Fin was a baby. After my sister had her twins she'd let me use a wrap for one twin while shopping and my mind was blown. I loved the cuddle time with my nephew, and he snoozed away while I shopped....HANDS FREE! Definite game changer for both doing chores around the house and running errands. Plus extra baby cuddles are always a good thing, they grow so fast! Since then there have a been a lot of new carriers and I'm going to talk about my three favorites. In my opinion all are must haves since they are all for different stages and occasions. 

Solly Baby - Perfect for those newborn days and the fabric is the softest thing you've ever touched. 

Wildbird Ring Sling -  I just love the look of slings, the easiness and of course the breathable, durable linen fabric. 

Happy Baby Carrier -Finally! A soft structured baby carrier made of my favorite fabric.....LINEN! Linen is ideal for hot weather (a must living in Vegas) since it's breathable and lightweight. It's easy to use since it's a structured carrier, no tying or slinging required! Although it's different than other structured carriers, it's actually 30-50% lighter than all others on the market! And since it's soft-structured it fits in your diaper bag. Bonus is it has a pocket with a sun cover and has room for extra storage. I'm pretty smitten about this carrier you guys.

Recap: all carriers are wonderful for different reasons. Although if I could only choose one it'd be the Happy Baby carrier since it's the most versatile. From newborn to toddler, quick errands to hiking in the mountain...this one takes the cake!


6. Sink Tub

Puj Tub makes a simple tub, it's easy to store, easy to use and sink baths are the bees knees.


7. ToteSavvy Insert 

You should know by now that I'm an organization freak. ToteSavvy makes these awesome organizers. I went with the mini, which fits perfect inside my Fawn bag with room for extras. I love that I can easily switch bags, or if I don't want to tote around my entire diaper bag I can just throw the insert into the bottom of my stroller or the car. Genius. 

In my bag insert is the softest diapers and wipes you've ever felt by Parasol Co.  Hands down best diapers and they're cute! Also in my bag is the Comotomo bottle. Best bottle for breastfed babies! My son has no troubles switching back and forth. 

8. Leather changing mat

Gathre makes these awesome mats, we use them for everything. I have almost every size haha. I love the simple design and that it looks stylish while still being easy to clean. The micro size can easily be put into your diaper bag for diaper changes and we also use at restaurants as a table mat! Then we use the Highchair mat for easy clean up under the high chair and small crafts. Last, we have the All-purpose mat for pretty much everything else: picnics, crafts, play-doh time, and more! 


9. The Ollie Swaddle 

This swaddle makes nighttime swaddling a breeze. Velcro is my new best friend for swaddling, nobody got time to use a swaddle blanket every diaper change during those gruesome night feedings/changes. Besides, my son can Houdini out of all swaddle blankets, but not the Ollie. This one has awesome moisture wicking fabric, has ONE SIZE (hallelujah for not having to buy more), and the bottom opens for easy diaper changes! SOLD!

10. The Owlet

Peace of mind and better rest is priceless for any new parent. The Owlet smart sock 2 uses and app to pair with a comfy sock to track baby's heart rate and oxygen levels while sleeping. No more all nighters watching babies chest move up and down! 

11. The best at home breast pump

After much research I've decided on the Spectra S2 breast pump for this baby. I exclusively pumped for 10 months with my first, so a nice pump is so important to me (even though I'll try to avoid exclusive pumping this time around haha). Find out how to easily get a free pump with your insurance in this blog post.

If you don't plan on pumping much than this manual suction pump is for you. I'm going to buy one of these for every mother I know. I have a crazy amount of milk in the first few weeks, breastfeeding is the messiest thing ever and I soak pads like every hour and I can soak like 4 bath towels from the side baby is not feeding on (ok maybe I'm exaggerating a bit), but it's messy you get the idea. I had NO IDEA how much milk was being wasted until I used this on the boob that wasn't being fed on. I easily get 4 oz. per feeding....hello milk storage! Best part is it's only $9 for two. I also use to take off the edge of engorgement if baby sleeps longer between feedings and use in the car in case of engorgement emergency and I can't get home right away. Packing the pump is a pain and cleaning it is even worse. This is SO SO simple. I was skeptical that a simple suction could get so much milk out but I almost get as much as when I pump. My mind is seriously blown over this product and this is not sponsored haha I just love it that much! I bought two sets, one for the diaper bag, one for where I nurse at home and a couple for the car. 

12. Quality baby wash and lotion

 If you've followed my blog for a while you know that my first had extremely sensitive skin/eczema. I'm pretty passionate about Tubby Todd because it helped his skin so much!! Every new mom should have their Basics Bundle on their registry. I love all their products but I cannot live without the hair & body wash, everyday lotion, and the all over ointment. The all over ointment is what saved Fin's severe eczema and I recommend it to every mom I come across that asks how we healed Fin's skin.


That's my top twelve items you guys!! Comment below with what new baby items have you came across that you cannot live without for a chance to win a Fin & Vince $100 credit!




June 14, 2017 — Makel Gardner
how to: free breast pump

how to: free breast pump

Dealing with insurance companies is definitely on my list of "least favorite things". I'm so happy to share a company I came across that takes all the hassle out of getting your free breast pump. With Fin, it took multiple phone calls, jumping from site to site, and hours of research to get my pump. New moms are already bombarded with so many overwhelming tasks, so I'm thrilled to share Bump Benefits with you all today!

Bump Benefits makes the process of getting your free pump so SO simple! Here's a snippet from their site about what they offer:

"At Bump, we’ve created a site where we make it simple for you to access your insurance-covered benefits. All we need from you is some basic information about your insurance and we handle the rest. We also make it easy for you to find the right breast pump. We’ve done all the research for you on things like two-phase pumping, duckbill valves, breast shield size, and more, so you can quickly and confidently choose the best pump that fits your lifestyle.
And through it all, we’ve learned that many insurance companies also cover lots of other products to make pregnancy and new-parenthood more comfortable. You may be eligible for prenatal vitamins, compression stockings, back braces, and more. If you want to learn more about these products and whether or not you’re covered, we’re here to help you with that too!
Our team is committed to helping you find the best pump that fits your lifestyle, and navigating the insurance process easily and painlessly. Becoming a new parent is amazing, but it can also be stressful. Feeding your baby shouldn’t have to be."
I also have to add that they have a comparison chart with all the most popular pumps on the market. I had actually researched breast pumps for weeks before I came across their site and can attest to their top pumps. I'm definitely going with their suggestion for the top pump this time around, the Spectra. I exclusively pumped with my first for 10 months so having the best pump is very important to me (maybe I'll do a post about that in the near future)! 
I hope you're as excited about this new service as I am! Now go get your FREE PUMP!!
May 19, 2017 — Makel Gardner
hospital bag checklist

hospital bag checklist

My list of everything you need for the hospital! I've included links for my favorite products. I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of incredible baby and mama shops over the years of running a baby clothing line. These are my favorite items that made the cut to my hospital bag! Bonus is that most of these companies are mama owned shops and you know how passionate I am about supporting these woman and all small shops in the US!

Mama Items:

1. bag

Birdling bags makes the nicest bags. I'm all about pockets and organization so I went with the weekender but the overnighter would work great as well. Best part is the separate compartments to separate mama and baby items!

2. nightgown, pajamas and robe

I have the Dwell and Slumber house dress to use as a hospital/nightgown. I have two because they are so amazing! 

Also love this trio set from Duckworth. Comfy tank, pajama pants and robe included! Also check out their Bundle bags if you want to purchase everything all at once. Pretty awesome idea!!

3. nursing bras + camis

I have two of these nursing bras from Ingrid and Isabel as well as two of the nursing camis! Love love the cami tops for nursing and holding in that post baby belly. 

4. nursing nightgown 

Ingrid and Isabel also has amazing nursing nightgowns. I have the lounge nursing cami + shorts as well! The quality on all their nursing items are incredible! I plan on living in their nursing items for the first few months!

5. nursing cover

Milk Snob makes this amazing nursing cover that also serves as a carseat cover + shopping cart cover! Win win!

Also worth mentioning is this Ingrid and Isabel cover. Can be used as a cozy wrap in the hospital as well!

6. nursing salve 

You all know I'm obsessed with Tubby Todd products, well they now have a new nursing salve! Excited to use this, I know it will be just as amazing as the rest of their products (I've used them ALL)

7. nursing pads

I purchased these bamboo pads on Amazon! Comes in a 10 pack and has great reviews. 

8. chapstick

I'm packing up my beet tinted lip butter from Urban Oreganics. Adds a touch of color and the butter is very hydrating and all natural ingredients!

9. slippers + warm socks

10. boppy

I'm dying over this linen boppy cover from Madly Wish! So timeless and linen is such a good fabric that washes well and is great for heat resistance (be sure to check out their linen crib sheets as well). They also have a darling floral cover.

11. toiletries

12. ID and insurance card

13. phone/camera and chargers

14. going home outfit 

I'm using my Legoe Heritage joggers and tee

15. shower flip flops


Baby Items:

1. car seat 

Nuna Pipa all the way! This car seat is so nice and one of the safest on the market. I'm so blown away by the quality and style of this seat! 

2. swaddle blankets

These bamboo Solly Swaddles are incredibly soft and stretchy! They come in a two pack, I got the swiss cross+camel!

Max and Moose is another favorite of mine! Love the neutral tones and the cotton softnesss. 

3. heirloom blanket

This heirloom 8-layer cotton gauze blanket from Willaby Shop is just beautiful. I plan to keep this for years to come and pass down to each baby! They also have some nice big and thick burp cloths I packed up! Everything is hand dyed with natural dye.

There's also this knit blanket from our shop. Perfect for a heavier blanket, stroller blanket or crib blanket. The bee pattern is just a classic neutral for newborns. These are 80% recycled organic cotton and 20% polyester. They wash up great and the quality is awesome! 

4. socks + mittens

5. couple of kimono tops and leggings

I purchased this two pack of kimono tops on Amazon. These are a necessity for newborns. They have built in mittens to keep baby from scratching, and they're great for not rubbing on the cord/navel in the early days. You also may be just lucky enough to not wake up a sleeping babe for diaper changes!

6. pacifier + clip

Love these natural pacifiers from Natursutten. Darling wooden clip is by Nomilumade.

7. bonnets

Briar Handmade has some beautiful basic bonnets.

For something fun for the take home outfit I suggest some neutral printed bonnets from our shop!

8. going home outfit

Can't beat the organic footed overalls from Loved Baby.

9. lotion

Not a necessity since the hospital provides lotion, but Fin had such sensitive skin I'm packing up some Tubby Todd dream cream

10. diapers

Another item that will be provided by the hospital but I'm packing up in case this baby has sensitive skin. I'm incredibly impressed with the softness of the Parasol diapers. This is what I plan on using for this baby boy. 

11. baby book

Promptly Journals makes the most beautiful baby book. It covers from pregnancy all the way until age 18. Packing this to get those first hand and feet prints in the baby book!

 What did you love having in your Hospital bag? Did you under or over pack?


Xo Makel 


May 09, 2017 — Makel Gardner
pregnancy favorites

pregnancy favorites

I've hit 37 weeks this week, can't believe how quick this pregnancy has flown!! Thought I'd share a few of my favorites that I've discovered throughout this pregnancy!

1. Maternity Clothing -

My everyday go to is my black Storq bodycon dress. This is the comfiest dress I have ever owned!! Best part is, it works for after pregnancy too! Worth every penny! I also have their ribbed tank dress and their leggings. Seriously guys, their clothing is so SO soft! It may seem a little pricey, but the quality exceeded my expectations and I'll be using them far past pregnancy. Perfect for a capsule wardrobes as well!


Legoe Heritage is another company I came across. I purchased the Harvard Joggers + Heritage tee for my going home outfit from the hospital. Great for pregnancy lounging and also works for post baby. I also love this downtown skirt for a fun pregnancy outfit when you're sick of wearing the same thing! I'm kicking myself for not getting the Grammar Dress, doesn't it look amazing!?

All other maternity basics I've purchased at H&M since they're affordable and cute! I got some cute jeans and a few basic tees. 


2. Dwell and slumber house dress 

These sell out quickly but she has added preorders so snag one now!! They are great for a pregnancy nightgown, hospital gown/pajamas and postpartum/nursing pajamas. Triple threat guys. I have two and I never want to change into clothes! You can also see how mamas dress them up to wear out and about on her Instagram page!

3. Pregnancy journal - promptly journals 

This journal is timeless and beautiful. I love that it covers age 0-18, for a way to document their entire childhood up to graduation. It even covers pregnancy to write down favorite pregnancy moments, which is why I included it in this list. They also have an adoption journal which makes my heart happy since I'm adopted, my mom would have loved something like that when I was a baby. 

4. Support band 

I got this one on Amazon. It's not my favorite thing to wear but it does help my pregnancy SPD when I know I'm going to be walking a lot. I wore at 30 weeks to the San Diego Zoo and I felt great! I just wish it was comfortable enough to wear to sleep or in the car. 

5. Comfy bra and undies

Bra - To save money I just bought my nursing bra now so I could use during pregnancy and after. This Ingrid and Isabel nursing bra is so comfy has great support! Actually all their nursing products are amazing which I'll be talking about in a later post!

Undies - These maternity undies from Amazon are so comfy, I may never wear regular underwear again ha!

Any must haves you loved during pregnancy? Share them in the comments below!

May 08, 2017 — Makel Gardner