behind the brand - who makes our clothes

behind the brand - who makes our clothes

We finally found a new manufacturer after a few nightmares with ours in the US. Our goal as a brand is to be completely transparent with our customers about the products we make and where they are being made.

We’re proud to announce that our linen clothing is made with natural, high-quality 100% pure linen because it's important to us that they're soft and durable to last for generations of passing down.

We’re also super proud that each piece is lovingly handcrafted by incredible women artisans in South Africa, providing them with a sustainable, fair trade income. This provides them with things like school supplies, healthcare and more. These women are passionate about making our creations come to life and that alone makes all the difference. I can't tell you how many times this process has brought Sara and I to tears. We are so blessed to have found such wonderful women to work with and have been excited to share a bit with our customers. We sincerely hope you value the quality behind our products and can be proud of the pieces you are buying, knowing that you are empowering these women with fair trade income to support families of their own.

Here's a little message from our productions manager: "Our seamstresses are paid more than double the average for a seamstress in SA. On top of that we also give them one or some days 2 cooked meals and we pay for their transport to and from factory. And every so often (like today after all was done we take them to fill up their grocery cupboards with a budget of 1200 ZAR each) And then we do incentive bonuses every 2/3 weeks if they reach their targets. What you are enabling us to do should make you so proud. It makes me smile every day. I always think I prefer to give someone a job and help them feel proud of what they can do , than just offer charity. I told you it’s such a fine line in SA, government in some cases don’t create a environment for people to be inspired to move forward. One of the ladies was evicted from her landlord - and the others all chipped in to gift 2 days of their own salaries , my brother in law gifted wood from his plantation farm, and all the husbands are helping her build her own wooden house on some of the others’ property. Their tribe is called the Griekwas. They have a lot of government help since much of the land in SA that borders the coast belonged to them. They still call their leaders of the original families ‘prince’ and ‘princess' They know that they manufacture for you, and they know what the dresses sell for. They understand the whole supply chain needs to be serviced. And they, and us, are very thankful for the opportunity to work with Fin and Vince!"

Here's a few photos of one of our manufacturing facilities in South Africa along with the incredible women making our clothing. By purchasing Fin & Vince products, you become a part of our village community that extends beyond the talented artisans from South Africa and includes local artists and small-shop collective brands. Thank you :)


Makel & Sara


March 08, 2018 — Makel Gardner
Fin & Vince - Behind the Brand

Fin & Vince - Behind the Brand

New Year - New Look!

When Sara and I first started independent companies years ago as side jobs in our garages, little did we know the eventual opportunities on the horizon. Sara and I would've never expected that during our husband's journeys through doctorate schooling, would we find each other, merge, and grow an entirely new company together. Within just a few shorts weeks of knowing each other, Fin & Vince was born. This company, and the wonderful community that has grown and evolved with it was truly unexpected, but so great. Along with our growth, ultimately came change, and we decided that it was time for a rebrand. Our direction, spirit, and theme needed to be unified to match the brand and what it has become. 

When creating Fin and Vince, we wanted to embody a charming, timeless design, yet  something that would appeal to a modern audience. These elements really play into the heirloom quality of our products. Mine and Sara's main desire is that our clothing is something that you cherish, something that lasts the test of time, and will ultimately be a part of your families generations. It is especially rewarding to see our clothing as a small part of your big moments. As mothers of five boys, we know that memories with our children are precious moments that we never want to forget. To us, our business is not just about the clothing, it's about the nostalgia of a babies first sweater, what they wore on their first day of school, and so on. It's about those items we like to keep and cherish, and to pass down for future children or grandchildren. These are the items we want to create. We strive for the style and quality to last through the years of hoarding :) After brainstorming our mission and style we came up with the tagline;

"for collecting moments"

Cristina Martinez did a beautiful job of making our vision come to life. Along with our new hand-painted logos, she illustrated some beautiful florals that really make our brand memorable and fit in with our vintage style. We see an element of newfound charm to add to Fin and Vince, it is simple, but unique. 

We are excited to continue this journey with you and cannot wait to show you what's in store for the future. Thank you for your support along all the ups and downs on the path of getting to where we are today! We can't wait to see how your little one's and their "moments" continue to light and strengthen our community. 


We'd love nothing more than to be a part of these special memories with your babies,

Let's strive to slow down and keep collecting moments,

Xo Makel & Sara



January 07, 2018 — Makel Gardner