baby essentials- bruna masalin

baby essentials- bruna masalin

Trying to decide what to register for, when you're expecting your first baby, can be a long process. I know the options are overwhelming and sometimes we simply don't know what to add to our list. That is why I created this simple baby essentials registry, based on products that have definitely proven to be a necessity for me and my family. 

I'm expecting our third baby, my oldest son is five years old and we have a daughter who's two. Looking back I realize there were things we purchased that we didn't really need or didn't use enough to make worth the investment. I wish I had come across an honest list of things my children would absolutely need. So I hope the information below is helpful to you as you prepare your home to welcome your baby.

We strive to be a minimalist, non-toxic, family. My goal for this article is to give you a list of products that are safe for you and your baby, you can feel at ease knowing that no harsh chemicals were used in the manufacturing of the items of this list. If you'd like to create a registry for the products below, I suggest you use Baby List, it will let you put anything onto your baby registry from any store. Some of the links I'm sharing below are from Amazon, so you can also create an Amazon Baby Registry and add these items to your list. If you are not having a baby shower, Baby List is still a great place to have all of the items from your wish list organized.

Non-Toxic Baby Essentials Registry by Bruna Masalin

Baby Clothing:

Side-Snap / Wrap One Piece: These are the best for your baby's first few months of life, even better for when their umbilical cord stump still hasn't fallen off. Choose easy for the first three months, you will need it when changing baby's diapers (especially at night).

Onesies: onesies are very useful, your baby will wear a lot of them. 

Outerwear / Baby Suit: We live in Connecticut where most of the year is cold, having good quality outerwear is a must for us. Here's an important tip: buy bigger sizes, because your baby will be wearing another layer of clothing underneath her body suit, you want it to be comfortable and easy to put on and off.

Simple Cardigan: Wrap cardigans are such a convenient option. I always choose comfortable and easy for babies, it makes a big difference!

Comfortable Pants: Perfect to put over onesies.

Baby Bonnets: not only these are stylish, but they will protect those little ears!

Knit Booties: One pair is plenty! You will love having these handy if you're taking your baby to a special occasion or event.

Baby Socks: Baby shoes are completely optional, but I would stock up on baby socks. 

Organic Cotton Newborn Mittens: Perfect for preventing scratches on their faces.

Nap Time & Sleepwear:

Sleep sacks / Bunting Bag: Sleep sacks are so useful! My kids lived in these until they started rolling from side to side. They make diaper changing so convenient! I love this bunting bag from Fin and Vince! For night time, the baby sleeping bags I recommend are from these two ethical shops: and

*Sleep sacks (or wearable blankets, sleeping bags and bunting bags) replace loose blankets in the crib or bassinet that can cover your baby's face and interfere with breathing.

Baby Gear:

Rocker: Charlie Crane France - I'm so happy I invested on a rocker with my first baby, we've gotten so much use out of ours. I like to move it around the house depending where I'm at, that way it's easier to keep my eyes on baby. I have a few friends, with multiple children, who agree that this item is a life saver! The Baby Rocker Levo by Charlie Crane Paris is by far my favorite rocker on the market. It's beautiful and I love that it's suitable for babies up to 7 months. Definitely worth the investment.

Stroller & Car Seat: I like the Uppa Baby Vista and the Mesa Infant Car Seat that attaches to the stroller. This stroller is perfect for parents with multiple children, because you can attach a toddler seat and car seat at the same time. But it's also great if you have only one child! I love that you can customize it to fit your needs. This is a light weight stroller, which is a true necessity for me.

Another car seat option that has gotten really good reviews (and is also non-toxic) is the Nuna. Nuna offers a few different options to choose from and all of them are free of flame retardants and harsh chemicals.

Baby Carriers: For ring slings, I highly recommend Wildbird. I've been wearing babies for almost five years now, the best ring slings I've ever had are all from Wildbird. They offer great support for your back and baby, I cannot recommend it enough. Another non-toxic AND convenient option is the Boba Classic 4Gs Baby Carrier. If you're the type that likes family hiking this carrier is a great option for you. I also like using this type of baby carrier when I'm at the grocery store.


Crib: The Ikea Crib - Made from solid beech, this kind of wood will not cause any harm to your baby! And it's only $79.99!!

Non-Toxic Mattress: The Emily Natural by My Green Mattress is made of certified organic materials and it does not have flame retardant chemicals. If you are going to invest on something organic, go for the mattress! It's one of the most important items in your nursery. You can use code GN35 to get $35 off your order! Promo code provided by a sweet mama, called Yasmine, that runs the very informational Gentle Nursery Blog

Crib Sheets: These affordable sheets from Pottery Barn Kids are made of 100% organic cotton AND are really cute. I love the safari print, but they have a lot of different options available.

Wicker Bassinet / Moses Basket: This bassinet from Tad Poles is the most affordable bassinet you'll ever find on the market, it's woven from pure Moroccan palm leaf. Once my kids outgrown this basket, I used it as storage for their toys and blankets. It's a great item to have in the house.

Regular Bassinet: If you're willing to spend a little more, the Halo Bassinet is a great alternative to the Moses basket. I like that it keeps baby at arms reach.

Air Purifier + Humidifier: We use the BBLUV Ultrasonic Humidifier and love it! It comes with a big reservoir, so you don't have to worry about filling the tank with water every few hours. We live in Connecticut, where the air is very dry and this humidifier has been a life saver! It works as an air-purifier and essential oil diffuser as well. 

Baby Clothing Hangers: We use the Huggable hangers, I really like them because they come with a soft-touch velvet exterior that helps keep their clothes in place. Baby clothes are small and you will be thankful to have non-slip hangers handy.

Blankets: We love our Max and Moose light blanket. I use it to swaddle baby, as a nursing cover and car seat protector. You will need a heavier blanket as well and I recommend using gauze, this 6 layer gauze blanket from Fin and Vinceis made of 100% organic cotton and I love the color.

Co-Sleeper / Baby Lounger: My favorite co-sleeper is the Snuggle Me Organic. My daughter was born in South America and we brought her home to the United States when she was only one month old. I was afraid she wasn't going to sleep well without consistency, so I knew I had to invest on a lounger that she could get accustomed to. We took it everywhere when she was a newborn, she slept great in every new place because the SnuggleMe was her familiar place. I wish I had known about this co-sleeper with my first son, because it made a huge difference on my daughter's sleep. This lounger is great for nap time, you won't regret getting one!

Nursing Pillow: Snuggle Me Organic just launched these beautiful nursing pillows and I'm love!


Disposable Diapers: I always recommend Nature's Promise diapers because not only they're choline free, but they are also on the more affordable side. These can be easily found at your local Stop & Shop store. If you don't have Stop & Shop where you live, the Honest Diapers are also safe for baby and you can order them online.

Cloth Diapers: My little girl has always worn cloth diapers during the day. We've tried several different brands, but the one diaper that impressed us the most was from Tidy Tots. I love the hemp inserts and that these diapers are designed to avoid leaks around legs and waist area. We never had any leak problems!

Wipes: Water Wipes are great because of the simple ingredients: 99.9% purified, filtered and softened Irish water and one drop of Grapefruit seed extract. No unnecessary chemicals.

Homemade wipes are also an option. This book, Clean Mama's Guide to a Healthy Home by Becky Rapinchuk, has recipes for baby wash, household cleaners, homemade wipes and more. I love Clean Mama and often use her recipes in our house, her book compiles very good information for families looking to detox their homes from chemicals and substances that can be harmful to their bodies.

Diaper Storage: This really useful organizer from Pro Baby Gear has organic cotton lining. 

Diaper Bag: I own a Pacapod and it's been one of my favorite diaper bags. It comes with two separate pods for organizing feeding and changing items, this organization system makes things easy to find inside the bag. Plus, the style I linked here is simply beautiful! Two other diaper bags I love are from Josefina Bags and Fawn Design.

Bath Time:

Baby Wash & Shampoo: I use Dr. Bronners Unscented Baby Soap. This is a concentrated Castile soap that can last you a long time, you can simply dilute a small portion into filtered water and you will have the perfect baby wash. Dr. Bronners is rated as clean by the EWG Healthy Living app, which is a big deal! I also love this Hair & Body Wash combo from Tubby Todd. These are perfect for your baby's sensitive skin.

Towels: This hooded baby towel from San Francisco Baby is made of 100% organic bamboo, it's super soft and it gets even softer with every wash. I give it five starts.

Wash Cloths: These Channing & Yates wash cloths are made of bamboo fiber as well and are completely free of chemicals. 

Tub: The Primo Euro Bath tubs are made in the USA and are also BPA free, lead free and phthalate free. 

Baby Care:

Pacifiers: Give me all the colors! These Bibs pacifiers by Mushie are made of natural rubber and also are BPA free, PCV free and phthalate free. You will feel so good knowing that your baby's mouth is having direct contact to only safe materials.

Pacifiers Clips: Mushie also makes these modern pacifier clips that are made of premium quality 100% food grade silicone. These are 100% non-toxic AND handmade by moms in the USA. If you have the opportunity to support a small business, go for this one!

Bottles: If you are willing to invest on glass bottles, Lifefactory bottles are a great option for you! The good news is that these come with a protective silicone sleeve, so you don't need to worry about the glass breaking.

Hair brush: This affordable set of wooden hair brush and comb by Green Sprouts is a great item to add to your registry!

Laundry Detergent: I will give you two amazing options that are safe and economical. Molly Suds is a great laundry detergent, formulated with only earth-derived ingredients. This product is Cerfified Cruelty Free, Certified Vegan, Made in the USA, and rated "A" by the EWG's Guide to Healthy Living. But if you're looking for a detergent that has a sweet scent that will make your house smell like newborn babies, this Laundress Baby Detergent is the safe way to go. It's 100% non-toxic! I recommend getting their gallon size, because it will give you up to 256 washes. Their baby scent is a calming blend of vanilla, musk, lily of the valley, lavender, and sandalwood. 

Thermometer: Most will say rectal thermometers are the most accurate thermometers, while I don't disagree I still prefer to use the digital ones and recommend this one on Amazon.

For the Breastfeeding Mom:

Lactation Bars and Teas: Oat Mama really helped me with my nursing journey! Their bars are simply delicious and the perfect late night snacks. You will love having these available when you're nursing your newborn. Their lactation products definitely helped increase my milk supply. My favorite tea flavor is Chai Spice, yum! They only use Non-GMO ingredients!

Nursing Bra: You will need extra soft nursing bras, something that will not bother when you're sleeping. My pick is the Kindred Bravely nursing bra, made of organic cotton. These are wireless nursing bras, that will offer the comfort you need.

Stylish Maternity Dresses: I lived in my Roolee Dresses when I was nursing. It's hard to find ethical brands that support your breastfeeding journey while also offering good styles. Roolee is that brand you've been looking for. 


Play Mat / Sheepskin: I love using our sheepskin rug from Easy Perry as a play mat for my babies, it's 100% organic, and free of all of those nasty chemicals you will find in synthetic pelts. These are extremely soft, and once baby moves to crawling stage, you can use them to decorate any part of your home. We love using ours in our reading nook corner as well. I own two of these, and they've received a lot of love in this house. The reason why I don't buy the colorful playmats is because they go back to the closet too soon, I want to invest on something that lasts and can be useful for other things.

Play Gym: This wooden play gym from Poppy Seed Play is not only super cute, but also made to last. It goes perfect with the pelt I suggested above.

Rattle: This classic wooden rattle from Bannor Toys has been one of the most used toys in my home, baby girl used this rattle to work on her motor coordinations when she was tiny, and as soon as she started walking this became a musical instrument that my older son loves playing with. 

Information on Clean and Safe products for your home:

EWG Healthy Living app

Think Dirty App

Clean Mama's books

The Gentle Nursery

Non-Toxic Mommies Facebook Group


by Bruna Masalin | @themasalins

January 13, 2020 — Makel Gardner
2019 Gift Guide

2019 Gift Guide

We've invited a few of our favorite IG mamas to share their gift picks for the Holidays! They'll also be taking over our IG stories for the next few days, introducing themselves and showing their picks. We're excited to show you their picks that includes gift ideas for kids of all ages and includes toys that are wonderful quality that can be passed down. This post also features many of our favorite small shops so we hope you take a peek at their stores and just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING SMALL for the holidays! 

Happy Holidays, everyone! I’m Emma and mama to our nearly 8 month old, Theodore. As the holiday season quickly settles in, I wanted to share the gifts we’re giving our little one this year. As a family, we value the joy of gift-giving, especially this time of year when presents symbolize the greatest gift that has been given.

When thinking about Christmas gifts, I knew that I wanted sustainable, heirloom-quality pieces, made intentionally and help nurture our guy as he explores and engages with the world around him. We first chose these Fin & Vince mittens to keep Theo’s little hands warm throughout our cold Minnesota winter. They also make for the sweetest winter decoration when not being used. Just hang on a dresser or peg rack and ta-da! Our second gift is a wooden walker for our busy little bee. This gift is perfect for encouraging little movers in their walking adventures. I also love that it has a little cart in the front for collecting and pushing toys around. Our last gift is this rainbow stacking tower to foster hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and sensory exploration. I truly adore all of these items, and am so giddy to wake up Christmas morning just to watch the joy and wonder.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful season and all of the little moments that fill your cozy, December days. 

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!



Hi friends! My name is Bruna Masalin, I'm a home-educating, mom of three, based in New England. Today I'll be sharing a simple Christmas Gift Guide that features some of our favorite open-ended toys and some adorable outfits from Fin & Vince! 

My children spend endless hours playing with open-ended toys, not only these sparkle their imagination, they are also are made to last. I love watching my kids engage in imaginary play, sometimes I act as the construction chief of their city building, they love creating quaint little towns, with civilians, tunnels, rivers and even a fire station. There are no limits for creativity when you are working with toys that allow your mind to wander. After a few years of being a stay at home mom, I can assure you, investing in sustainable and educational toys is worth it!


Alphabet Tree Slices by Stepping Stones : My little girl loves playing with these! That's how she's been learning all her letters. She uses them as logs for her forest while also reviewing each letter every time she's engaged in free play. 

Sunday Arch Stacking Toy by Linden Bee : This is a new toy around here, ready to be wrapped! We will gift it to our kids this Christmas. I love that this toy encourages concentration, creativity and it also helps with fine motor coordination. 

Rainbow Stack By The Wooden Wagon : The most used toy in this house. My kids get busy stacking the rainbow pieces or using them to make tunnels for their city. The quality is great and it's been one of our best purchases!

Grapat Toys by Rose & Rex : Peg dolls are a must around here! These guys wear many hats, literally. They can be fire fighters, moms and dads, doctors, forest fairies, gnomes or police officers. These are perfect for storytelling! The possibilities are endless.

Maileg Baby Mouse in a Carry Cot by Linden Bee: My little girl loves playing mama, so this will be the perfect gift for her this season. I love the entire family collection of these little mice.


Tiny, Perfect Things by M. H. Clark

Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales (Peter Rabbit)

Outfits from Fin & Vince:

Corduroy Trousers

Collar blouse

Henley top



Bruna Masalin


Hi there! I’m Amanda! Happy wife & home-educating mother to 4 lovely little ladies under age 7. Because our girls are so close together in age, we like to invest in quality gifts that can be enjoyed and passed down to one another. I really enjoy gifting well-made gifts that are both pretty and practical. My husband emphasizes things should have form and function. Our older girls are developing new, and rather strong opinions, as they grow and we want to respect their personal styles & interests as we gift. We really like the the idea of gifting a want, a need, something to read, and wear. Here are some gifts that meet this criteria, have been a success in the past, and that will be gifted this year!

The girls love matching with one another! We’ve adopted a tradition of gifting them new jammies every Christmas. Pajamas kind of meet a need, a wear, and a want, so they’re a great gift! We have gifted them sets from @happyhannahs , @finandvince, @simplefolkco, @chasingwindmillkids, and this year we’re gifting them hot pink butterfly thermal sets from @garnethillpics. They’re going to love them!

Some of our favorite toys are wooden stackers, puzzles and blocks. @woodenstory @grimms and @thewoodenwagon are some of our favorite shops for these! Wooden toys hold up really well and, let’s be real.. they’re beautiful😊

Books!! We love gifting books! Personalized books, i-spy books, and book series make for really fun gifts. Something I have learned in a family of book lovers is that books can be expensive! I enjoy thrifting books and using because you can find gently pre-loved books for incredible prices!

We also want to invest in making new memories, so games that we can play together as a family are a great investment! The girls have been asking for slippers for quite some time. We found some really fun boiled wool slippers from @garnethill. They are different animals and so cute and will be such a fun addition to their matching jammies! We always gift the girls a fun new toothbrush and, honestly, they’ve been more excited about this than more of their gifts ☺️ I hope this was a helpful gifting guide and that everyone has a lovely holiday season full of peace, rest, and joy for you and your family! ❤️


Amanda Pahls


November 27, 2019 — Makel Gardner
hospital bag - kimberly stavros

hospital bag - kimberly stavros

Hospital Bag Essentials 

A Simple List of Hospital Bag Essentials 

We are nearing the 3-week mark for our second baby girl’s arrival and I am gathering all the essentials we will need for our hospital stay!  This second time around I will be packing a LOT less than I did the first time. Truth be told, I spent most of my time in a nightgown and robe, and utilized the items the hospital provided for me.  The most important thing is simplicity and comfort so you can enjoy those first few days with your fresh babe!

Essentials for Mom

  • Nursing friendly nightgown  – something comfy, soft and nursing friendly!  I found mine at Target and it’s perfect for nursing because it buttons up the front.

  • Comfy robe 

  • Nursing bras 

  • Warm socks 

  • Nursing friendly going-home outfit  – one of my biggest regrets the first time was not having a nursing friendly outfit to go home in.  When we were ready to leave, I realized I wasn’t able to nurse in the outfit I had on and had nothing else besides pajamas.  I am bringing a nursing friendly basic tee + comfy leggings to go home in this time.  

  • Leggings 

  • Basic toiletries – bring the basics so you can have a nice shower!  I’m bringing minimal beauty products, a good toner  and rosewater spray  to freshen up with.  Don’t forget hair ties, chap stick and a nail file.

  • Flip flops for showering

  • Breastfeeding essentials

    • Soothing gel pads 

    • Nipple shields – not everyone needs these but I will be bringing them based on my previous experience with breastfeeding.  At my hospital the lactation consultants also have them on hand if needed.

    • Nursing salves – using the new Tubby Todd nipple balm!

    • Boppy pillow 

    • Burp cloths 

    • Nursing cover – I am using this beautiful linen cover by Venice and Jane. 

Essentials for Baby

Again, I will be bringing much less for baby this time.  I had brought multiple outfits last time when in reality baby stays in a onesie and swaddles for most of their hospital stay.  You want to make it as easy as possible for yourself!  

  • Newborn layette outfit  – I thought I would take a lot more photos in the hospital, but in reality you just want to soak up all the newborn snuggles while you are there (not to mention you are exhausted and there are always nurses and visitors coming in and out!)  There isn’t much time for photos, but I am making sure to bring one nice outfit to take a ‘Hello I’m here!’ photo. You can’t go wrong with any of the items from Fin and Vince’s layette collection (which launched just in time for this baby!) These pieces are simple, classic and timeless; and I can’t get over how tiny and cute the newborn sizes are!

  • A few bonnets/knit hats – I’m bringing a couple options from Fin and Vince , Briar Handmade and Mercy Threads Shop .  

  • Solly Baby Swaddles - the absolute softest swaddles.

  • Baby blanket 

  • Pacifier – just in case!

  • Cross-body onesies – last time the hospital provided these but I will be bringing a few of my own. 

  • Baby mittens and socks

  • Going home outfit 


  • Camera 

  • Phone + extra-long charger

  • Notepad + pen – I like to write down baby’s schedule the old fashion way and also any notes I may want to remember from the nurses/doctors during my stay.

  • Drinks and Snacks – I will be bringing a lot more snacks and drinks, both for my husband and myself after delivery.  I’m going to make a Trader Joe’s run beforehand and get all kinds of yummy dry snacks, beef jerky, granola bars, fruit snacks, chocolates, as well as bring Gatorade and other drinks for us to have on hand.

  • Special big sister package – I put together a special gift for my older daughter Louisa when she visits which includes a big sister book , stickers and a coloring book, and a special stuffed animal for her to take home.  

  • Birdling Bags backpack  – I’m going to use this to pack all the hospital essentials they encourage you to take with you when you leave!

  • Lo and Sons Weekender Bag

And that’s it!  I’m keeping it super simple and easy this time around.  The hospital will provide so many of the things you need (like diapers, wipes, post-partum needs for mom, etc.) and you can always double check what they provide on your hospital tour!  

My bag has been packed and (mostly) ready to go since 35 weeks.  I have a printed checklist of everything I will need on my dresser and when I add something to the bag, I simply cross it off the list so I know exactly what I’ve been packing into it and can easily keep track when the time comes to leave.

I hope this post helps you when you begin to plan and pack your own hospital bag.  Let me know if there are any essentials you think should be added to my list, or things that were life savers for you in the hospital!  

Thanks for reading!



October 06, 2019 — Makel Gardner
Easter and Spring Children's Books

Easter and Spring Children's Books

Makel here! I wanted to share a few spring books that we've been loving. These also would be great for Easter baskets. Both my boys are huge book lovers and I never feel guilty about adding to our book collection. You can click here which has links to all these books and more! 

My oldest Fin - 6 years old - has been loving #4 "This is How We Do it", It shows the everyday lives of 7 different kids from around the world. He's fascinated with the way they write and the different things that they eat.

My youngest Tripp - almost 2 years old - is dinosaur obsessed. We got the "Dinosarium" book for him. I think it may be more for older kids since it's quite large and has a lot of information but he flips through the pages for hours. 

Let me know in the comments if you have any Spring favorites! 

April 12, 2019 — Makel Gardner
Winter Baby Essentials

Winter Baby Essentials

Hi! My name is Jacey Caldwell and I am a “boy-mom.” My husband, Josh, and I have 3 sweet (and very loud) little boys – Rush (3), Ezra (15 months), and Jenson (8 weeks). We live in Colorado near the beautiful Rocky Mountains and can’t imagine a more perfect set up for us.  Because our boys are all very close in age, it never fails that we get the “you look like you have your hands full” comment every time we take the boys out of the house.  And here’s the thing: we do and we love it!
All three of our boys have been winter babies, which I personally have loved. The many nights we have spent cuddling a newborn by the fire with cookies and books while the snow is falling outside will forever be some of my favorite memories. I love winter babies because you get to bundle them up in all the clothes and give them all the snuggles!  But I’m very particular about what I put them in (and on) and when searching for what I needed for our newest baby, Jenson, I had a very small and specific list of things in mind. I am a huge believer in “quality over quantity” when it comes to most areas in my life but finding quality that I’m not willing to settle on has come with a lot of trial and error. But, after having searched over the years and discovered what I really want AND need, I felt like by the time Jenson came (which was this past December) I finally had a good idea of what I would consider must-haves for any winter baby. So, let me share them with you and help my fellow picky-moms learn from my mistakes and time spent searching.  If you are about to welcome your first little one or you just haven’t figured out what’s best for those winter months, I put together my favored winter essentials as guide - enjoy!
February 17, 2019 — Makel Gardner
5 Must Have Baby Products - Rachel

5 Must Have Baby Products - Rachel

Nothing says “excitement” like the crazy nesting urge that kicks in sometime during that last month of pregnancy  - or if you’re anything like me, from the moment you see those two lines first appear. The amount of nail holes I put in our walls and then decided I didn’t like the picture frame “right there” and actually wanted it “over there” possibly drove my husband batty during those nine months. I spent so much time planning and researching every little thing I could, even with my pregnancy of our third baby. I get teased for making lists all the time and putting them on sticky notes around the house, so I figured I would share my “virtual sticky note” of newborn must-haves with you!

  1. Snuggle Me Organic To keep your little one snuggled up and comfortable.
  2. Owlet Smart Sock - So mama can get some of that much needed shut-eye.
  3. Wild Bird Ring Sling - For an easy transition to this big, wide world. 
  4. Gathre Micro Mat  - The perfect portable changing mat.
  5. Bibs Pacifier  - Not every baby takes a pacifier, but you’d better believe I was prepared! 


Getting ready for a newborn is like getting ready for a new roommate: you clean the house up, put on a pot of coffee, then your roommate decides to keep you up all night. So you invest in earbuds and more coffee. Or if you’re lucky enough that your new roommate is actually your darling baby, you just snuggle that baby up and breathe in that fresh newborn smell as long as you possibly can because everything you were so excited for. Is finally here. 







February 14, 2019 — Makel Gardner
rootin' tootin' first birthday

rootin' tootin' first birthday

I don't usually go all out on birthday parties but we recently moved back to Utah and close to Sweet Tooth Fairy. I knew she'd make some darling cakes and goodies for my big guy so I threw together a cake table to display her amazing treats!! I already had a plethora of Cowboy/farm decor saved from when my husband was little and because of my obsession with farm toys. So..... cowboy theme it was! We also had a blast watching Tripp eat his very own smash cake. It was such a fun day that Tripp didn't go to sleep until 10pm, so you could say he loved every second of it. Also I may be biased but he makes the cutest cowboy and cow I've ever seen :)



          1. Cakes (did I mention the flavor was funfetti with COOKIE DOUGH?) -      Sweet Tooth Fairy

          2 - Cookies - Sweet Tooth Fairy & Mini Cupcakes - Sweet Tooth Fairy

          3. Beeswax candles - Under a Tin Roof

          4. Ceramic drink dispenser - local antique store

          5. Stick Horse: Ewmccall

          6. Cow Bonnet: Native Fable

          7. Cowbow hat - Amazon

          8. Straws, burlap table runner and white cake stand - Target

          9. Horse & Cowboy figures - passed down from my husband

          10. Flag banner: Fin & Vince

          11. Highchair - local antique store


Also thought I'd share some of his gifts. We don't have a lot of room inside for extra toys so we opted for outdoor toys and they were all a big hit! The favorites included a Radio Flyer Wagon, a water table for outside, and his very own broom so he could stop taking mine ;)

Wagon: Radio Flyer from Walmart

Broom: TJ Maxx



May 31, 2018 — Makel Gardner
spring toys

spring toys

Spring cleaning is no joke! We take it very seriously around here and are trying hard to be more minimal. Quality over quantity, always. I'm sharing a few toy favorites that my we'll have on rotation throughout the season. They have multiple uses so you won't need 100 toys cluttered throughout your home. Not only do these toys entertain my kids for a good chunk of time, but they're super awesome quality and look beautiful in the home. 

1. Wooden Puzzles

this puzzle from Raduga Grez is probably the most gorgeous puzzle I've ever seen. I love that it can be put together but you can also play with the puzzle pieces on their own as blocks. And when it's not in use, it's a beautiful piece of art to display. They have a lot of amazing toys on their site, be sure to check them all out.


2. Play mat

 these mats by Gathre are pure genius. I love the micro sized mat because I can pack them in my bag for restaurant mats, changing mats, and entertainment. They also have larger sizes that's great for the play room.



3. Wooden toys

these wooden cars and boats by Gathre are perfect to use with their mats.



we recently discovered this balance toy by Babai Toys. It keeps my oldest entertained by building things on top and getting them to balance. Just be sure to keep the tiny pieces away from babies! 

4. Cleaning toys

not sure about your kids, but mine are obsessed with cleaning supplies (especially my 11m old). I bought him this Melissa and Doug cleaning set for his first birthday that's coming up and my five year old kept saying he wanted to share it so he can help me clean. I'd spend a fortune to hear those words haha so I'm going to invest in more cleaning toys and maybe I won't have to hire a maid ;)


April 26, 2018 — Makel Gardner
tips for traveling with an infant

tips for traveling with an infant

I'm no expert on travel, but living in Vegas and having family in Utah we've had our fair share of road trips since Tripp was born. This last week I also had my first solo flight with Tripp, and 9 months is no walk in the park because they are BUSY and don't care so much about toys, I-pads or coloring yet. I wanted to share a few products and tips that made the flight with my 9 month old easier.

1. these toy straps

I attached toys for the stroller so he would be content through the security lines and waiting at the gate. We all know a baby's favorite toy trick is to throw them on the floor, this keeps them attached so they aren't dropping things on the dirty airport floor and losing them.  You can also to attach to high chairs at restaurants, we attach sippy cups, silicone feeders and toys. 

2. toys and activities that can attach on the straps. This adorable bunny has a pull/vibrate feature, a teething ring and textured features. Huge hit!

any toy with a handle to attach to the straps. We love the banana teether and this ring teether.  

This cute wooden book already has a velcro strap and it's darling!

3. This suction toy

I shared how I love using this toy at restaurants, and someone mentioned that they work great for the plane window...genius!

4. An absorbent bib with a strap. I got this bib on amazon, but the company no longer makes them. We will actually have some gauze bibs coming to our shop soon because I use this one so much and it's great for the leftover fabric. It keeps his clothes clean and dry through the day of traveling and I attach his binky and one teething toy so he has access throughout the day and it's not falling on the floor. Binky clips are great but he can usually tear them right off haha. 

5. Another tip that helped us was sitting in the back of the plane. The engine was super loud (which is a tad annoying for mom) but helped baby nurse and sleep because he wasn't distracted by conversations/announcements/etc. He also loves white noise so no need for my white noise machine. It also helped if he was fussy because not many people could even hear him with the noise. We made sure to ask the flight attendants right when we sat down if the flight was full and if we could move seats if it wasn't. I didn't pick my own seat and wanted a row to myself to nurse and for nap time. We got lucky and got our own row, but next time I think I'll be purchasing a seat for him even if I don't bring the carseat. I don't think he would have eaten or slept with someone sitting right next to me, it would have been miserable. 

6. Obvious, but cannot forget a plethora of snacks. We used yogurt melts, puffs, cheerios and veggie straws. 

What are your favorite traveling tips with an infant? I'm not sure we could handle more than a few hour flight at this age haha.

March 19, 2018 — Makel Gardner
easter baskets - Courtney Cooper

easter baskets - Courtney Cooper


I’m so excited to be showing you guys our Easter Basket round up. Easter is one of my favorite days. We spend the day with family, go to church, eat lunch, and of course open our baskets. They are my favorite to put together. I don’t like to do much (if any) candy and usually stick to the same rule of thumb that I do for stockings. Wear, want, read, and need.  Every year we include a new bathing suit, sandals, hat or bonnet,  book, stuffed animal or lovey, and a fun toy.

This year we chose Minnow swimsuits. The quality is amazing, it lasts through many many washes, and the styles are classic. We added some new Adelisa and Co sandals for their everyday staple shoe. The leather is buttery soft and they are so reasonably priced. We did a new bunny doll from Bla Bla kids shop (use code ‘mrscourtneycooper’ for 15% off) and a sleepy sloth from Slumberkins. These bowls/ plate/ spoons from Avanchy are amazing. They suction to the tray or table and the kids can’t flip them over. Max is a pro at that. One of my all time favorite curated shops is Boutique Little. Thats where I get the little Maileg mice in the matchboxes, nail polish, and metal suitcase with little outfits for the mice inside. Petit Collage is also a favorite. Their colorful puzzles and activities are so fun (use code MAKELMG for 15% off)! For Bailey, I added some detangling milk from Do+little. It smells amazing and I love to buy natural hair products for her. Don’t forget the cute little easter bows from Wunderkin Co. We’ve been buying their bows since 2014 and they are timeless. When I think of Bailey as a little girl, I’ll remember her twirling around with little Sailor bows in. I hope you enjoy our little gift guide! Happy Spring!


 Girls gift guide

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen




Boy gift guide
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve


Xo Courtney Cooper

March 14, 2018 — Courtney Cooper
minimalist shared nursery

minimalist shared nursery

 After our son was born, we wanted to create a space that would be functional. We never considered having an exclusive nursery as functional. I wanted a comfy place to rest my head on those sleepless nights of cluster feeding and a place where my toddler can rest her head in the late afternoons too. Being a stay at home mother means that most of your time is spent making sure your children are comfortable. If that's serving them lunch of their favorite plate or their drink their favorite sippy cup. For us, it's about our humble abode being inviting and warm.

My favorite part about having this room in our home is all the uses it receives. This room is a space everyone can appreciate, even guests! The dresser was a fun project that I did while nine months pregnant. I bought an old dresser on Craigslist and after three coats of paints and new handles it was perfect. Aside from loving the look of this room, I love the memories created here. It's a great reminder that every family has their own way of setting up rooms upon the arrival of their littles one.

Apparel: Fin & Vince

Rug: RugsUSA

Dresser: Craigslist find

Bed frame: AllModern

Bedding: The Company Store

Floor Cushion: Land of Nod

Chalkboards: Chalk Full of Design

Bassinet: Design Dua

Throw Pillows: Target

Bead Toy: Ikea




December 29, 2017 — Courtney Cooper
Fin & Vince Holiday Giveaway

Fin & Vince Holiday Giveaway

Tis the season for snuggling around the fire, steaming cups of cocoa, and Christmas tunes for all to hear. We have something to even make it better: $1200 to spend on your favorite online shops! We've partnered with Gathre, Lollipop Baby, Monroe Workshop, Tubby Todd, Happiest Baby, Sakura Bloom, Hazel Village and Adelisa and Co to bring you the coziest, most magical Holiday Giveaway (worth over $1200!) to one lucky winner!

 Giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. PST, December 6th, 2017. Good luck!

*open to US only 

Happiest baby (SNOO)- $400 gift card 

Hazel village- $50 gift card

Monroe workshop- $50 gift card

Tubby todd- Big City bundle

Sakura Bloom - $150 gift card 

Adelisa and Co- $75 gift card 

Lollipop baby- Baby camera in your color choice 

Gathre - $75 shop credit 

Fin and Vince - $150 gift card 




Fin & Vince Holiday Giveaway
November 29, 2017 — Courtney Cooper