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Hi everyone! I'm Emily and I am so honored to be sharing my love for Fin and Vince today. I'm a mama to two little boys and finding them the best pieces of clothing is something that I greatly enjoy doing. What I love about Fin and Vince is that their pieces are timeless, excellent quality, and most importantly, wash and wear like kids clothes should. When I invest in pieces I want to be able to last not only through the seasons, but the years as well. I like pieces that are versatile, easy to wear, and thoughtfully made. Fin and Vince pieces are just that and so much more for us. I want my boys to be able to be kids in their clothes without a mom fretting about them getting dirty. 

A few weeks ago the strawberry fields opened here in the south and I couldn't wait to take the boys. This has become a yearly tradition for us and the U-Pick season is kinda like the summer kick off for the Mississippi Delta. Each month fields of delicious, fresh produce open to be picked and we just devour ourselves in it! I don't know if there is anything quite like an open field of ripe, scumpticious berries, two eager little boys who are ready to eat their way through the patch, and a mama who's already planning all the jams, pies, and strawberries topped with fresh whip cream to be made. It truly is a summer bucket list item that I'm ever so excited to check off. 

This year's pickins' was a good one to say the least. The fields were full and muddy and the boys throughly enjoyed every bit of it. Once they managed to fill up on berries, they headed for the mud puddles... and there were plenty of them. Luckily I dressed them both in F&V matching shorts so they kept cool on a warm southern day... After we finished picking we explored the patch for a little bit and the boys admired the large red barn and tractor nearby. 

It was a memorable and successful day of berry pickin' to say the least. Now I can't wait for the other u-pick patches to open throughout the summer! 

Aside from u-picking I always try to put together a little bucket list for summer break. My oldest, who's five, always enjoys checking off each task and I enjoy making the most out of our summer. I always love the rest, recharging, and limited scheduling that summer brings before the new school year. Here's a look at what our summer bucket list looks like! - 

- Go U-picking - strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches. 

- Complete our local library's summer reading program.

- Make s'mores in the backyard. 

- Pitch a tent in the backyard. 

- Make root beer popsicles.

- Run through the sprinkler. 

- Catch a firefly or two.

- Catch a summer sunset or the Strawberry Moon (June) 

- Eat all the ice cream 

- Visit a local water park or splash pad 

- Roll down a hill 

- Decorate the sidewalks with chalk 

- Plant a summer garden 

- Make sun catchers 

- Go on a nature walk 

- Have a pool day 

- Take a trip to the beach 

- Enjoy the Farmer's Market

- Write letters to a summer pen pal 

- Take a mini summer vacation to see the Grandparents. 

To just name a few! What's on your summer bucket list? Do you have any u-pick patches that you attend throughout the summer? 

A huge thank you to F&V for letting me share my love for them and summer today! 

xo! Emily

May 23, 2018 — Makel Gardner
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