Happy Spring friends! 

Dani here, you can find me on IG as @thecoldcraftsman! I am pumped that Fin & Vince gave me the opportunity to guest post on their awesome corner of the internet! 

My family and I live in Jacksonville, Florida so we are knee deep in spring and all things warm weather! I know some of you are still getting snow this week, sit tight, I promise warm weather is coming your way soon!!!

With two toddlers, Tanner (almost 3) & Winnie (16 months) we love to get outside and spend our days in the sun! Cue the moment we get to welcome spring with open arms and get back to our outside adventures! 

As a stay at home mom, I crave getting out with my littles for many reasons! 

1. to get out ALL of their energy 

2. it makes for a more enjoyable day with less meltdowns, and 

3. they get to learn through play, which is the most magical way to watch your children grow!

                   15 ideas for your Spring 2019 bucket/to-do list:

1. Visit a local farmers market

2. Bake a pie 
3. Dye some eggs, tip: you can either pick up a kit or save some of your veggie scraps for naturally dying eggs!
4. Surprise your hubby or kiddos with a picnic outside (or inside if it is raining)
5. Visit a farm or petting zoo
6. Go fresh berry picking, tip: you can use pickyourown.org to search for different farms in every state and county! 
7. Visit a new park or splash pad
8. Pick wildflowers and bring them to a friend or neighbor
9. Plant a new tree or flowers in your yard tip: dedicate your new greenery to someone special! 

10. Paint a bunny or easter card tip: send a card to grandma, you will be sure to make her day! 

11. Make a homemade bird feeder, tip: you can make a simple one with peanut butter and bird seed!

12. Color a spring scene with sidewalk chalk
13. Find some trails and take a nature walk, tip: create a fun checklist for your kiddos to collect nature on a walk!
14. Make an obstacle course in the backyard and encourage some friendly competition 
15. Go through drawers and donate old spring clothes that no longer fit the family
Thanks for following along! We would love to hear your families favorite spring activities, so please share below!!

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