Black Owned Small Shop Feature: BLVD Hair
Why/How did you start your business?
I have been doing hair for over 15 year, by trade for 5, and had always dreamed of having my own product line. In 2020 I stepped away from behind the chair and moved to the east coast where I was able to focus on making my dream a reality.
What does your business mean for the black community?
Hair culture is huge in the black community but hair care for many is something that still needs learning. With my products I also strive to offer education and promote healthy hair habits. We also offer textures of extensions that mimic the natural kinky hair texture from kinky straight (blown out) to Afro kinky curly to help women lessen the damage caused to their natural hair trying to blend with silkier textures.
What has been the hardest part about running your business?
I literally took every last dollar I had to fund starting up my business in the middle of the pandemic. Dealing with factories overseas has by far been the most challenging and aside from that just overcoming the fear of failure from starting up in such uncertain times. I’ve had an overwhelming amount of support since launching mid October.
How has it benefited your family?
One of my main drivers for launching my business was my 3 year old son. He has been privileged enough to have never need to to go to day care and moving away from family would take those privileges away if I went back to work. I’m now able to be a SAHM and run my business while caring for my son. I hope to pass the entrepreneur spirit to him as he comes of age and sees how beneficial working for yourself can be.
February 05, 2021 — Creative Team