sara's boys room with eventide pennant co

sara's boys room with eventide pennant co

Hi everyone, co-founder Sara here! I am a mama to three boys: Vincent, Memphis, and Forrest. They all share a room and it's a slumber party every night! I love collecting vintage pieces to add to their room and these banners from Eventide Pennant Co have such a retro vibe-- they make the perfect addition! 

I loved picking out the colors for the boys' banners! Forrest's is beige, cream, and red. Memphis' is beige, red, and mustard. Vincent's is red and cream. I decided on block letters to stay true to the retro style!


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Eventide Pennant Co specializes in custom pennants for decor and milestones. Whether it’s a pennant to reveal the name of a new baby, to hang on the wall of a big boy room, or to commemorate a city that is special to a family, each one is unique from all others. Each letter is hand-cut and sewn onto pieces of eco-friendly felt with any combination of colors desired. We love getting to be a part of crafting custom pennants to celebrate names and milestones!

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-Allison, Eventide Pennant Co

June 16, 2020 — Makel Gardner