microblading experience + giveaway

August 01, 2017 0 Comments

microblading experience + giveaway

Back in the 90s thin eyebrows were a thing. True story. I was one of the unfortunate who decided to follow the thin eyebrow trend. Not only thin, but I was so afraid of a unibrow I actually would pluck ALL hairs the grew up....I cringe just thinking about it. Once I realized how delusional this was in college I had a hard time growing them back. I spent three years trying to fill them in and I did grow back enough to where I could pencil some extra in there and look like a normal human. I envied girls with naturally thick eyebrows and didn't have to spend so much dang time drawing them on every day. Microblading started to become a pretty big deal, especially in Utah and I knew I wanted this done. I wanted to find the right person since the thought of something even semi-permanent, scared the hell out of me.


I came across Storie on Instagram and knew she was the one. Every single person who came out of her studio looked amaze-balls. Perfect eyebrows every time, I call her the eyebrow wizard. I'm excited to tell you that she's agreed to do a giveaway with me for one very lucky person! Head to my personal Instagram account for details on entering...link HERE.

The process was pretty simple. It only took about an hour and fifteen minutes which kind of blew me away. Here's my before and after photos.....

She started by numbing my eyebrows. While the numbing cream got to work she started drawing them on so I could see what I liked/what I didn't/what I wanted her to differently. Of course she drew them on perfectly the first time haha I didn't want to change a thing. She informed me that I would feel a bit the first round, then she'd apply more numbing cream and I wouldn't feel any the second time. It does hurt a bit, to where my eyes were watering from the pain/bright light combo, but nothing unbearable. She was right about the second time, once she applied more numbing cream I didn't feel anything for the rest of the appointment. So maybe 10 minutes of slight pain, pretty easy! 

They were pretty sore the rest of the day. Sometimes I'd forget and rub my finger across my brows which hurt, second day was a little tender and by the third day they didn't hurt at all. They are pretty dark in the beginning which is normal. Around day 5 mine started to peal a bit, also normal and the reason why the 6-week touch up is essential (and included in the initial price). Here's some photos after they've healed and before my touch up (still waiting a few weeks for the touch up and then I'll update). These will last anywhere from 1-3 years! Here's some more of Storie's work, she really is the brow wizard. Don't forget to enter the giveaway and let me know if you have any questions!!