lucid memory foam mattress review

February 09, 2017 0 Comments

lucid memory foam mattress review

We've had a huge, soft pillow top mattress ever since we've been married. After I started looking into the memory foam mattress-craze, I wondered if our mattress had been contributing to my husband and I's back problems. After a lot of research I came across Lucid Mattresses.

My favorite part about this company (besides the prices) is that they make it super easy to choose the right one. It's stressful choosing a mattress online without testing it out first. My husband is a back sleeper so, in theory, he needs a firmer mattress compared to me (a stomach and side sleeper). The Lucid website categorizes mattresses by your sleep positions. We decided to go with the 12" gel memory foam mattress since it's recommended for all types of sleep positions and 4 on the plush scale. 

At first it was a little strange since it's so much different than our previous pillow topper mattress. It only took about 3 nights for us to get used to it. And I'm not kidding, guys, our backs and bodies feel SOOO much better. I feel so well rested in the morning and my back problems have improved tremendously. I'm kind of kicking myself for not doing this years ago. It's so comfy, firm but very plush at the same time if that makes sense. I never want to get out of bed haha (might be a downside?). Side note: why didn't we get a king size bed years ago? We have a 4 year old ninja who joins us in the middle of the night haha and a king size mattress has SO much more room!

Awesome news is I'm giving a mattress away on my personal Instagram along with a Linen Spa comforter and some Cariloha bamboo resort sheets (the best sheets in the world and I'm a total sheet snob). 


Bed frame is from Wayfair