lollipop - video monitor

November 12, 2017 0 Comments

lollipop - video monitor

I've been excited to share with you guys the coolest baby monitor camera. I wanted to use it for a few weeks before I wrote my review. Overall, this camera is amazing. Coolest one on the market right now! We have it attached to our crib for a perfect view of baby, and the night camera is awesome. My favorite feature is the built in white noise/lullabies. My baby has always had to have music or noise to sleep so this saved us on having to buy a separate sound machine. It's awesome for if you have a larger house and can't hear baby very well. You set the decibels in the app and even has cry detection so it will alert your phone if baby is crying and/or too much noise in the room. Also it took a whopping 10 minutes to set up...WINNING!! 

You can buy the Lollipop monitor HERE.  


attaches to crib for perfect view

comes will parts to use on the wall (for when baby starts standing and moving in the crib more)

bendy tail also allows you to made a stand to use on a dresser or shelf

built in lullabies & white noise

cry detection/alerts phone (great if baby's room is far away from yours or you have a bigger house)

you set decibels for when you want it to alert your phone

image is nice and crisp, even at night!! 

aesthetically pleasing

easy peasy to set up and connect to wi-fi

can access the camera from multiple devices (but shared account)




a tad delayed (maybe 2 seconds delay of real time) 

white noise sounds are on a loop but baby doesn't seem to mind 

app is a little slow when trying to get music to play