Knitwear Spring/Summer 2019 - behind the scenes

 What’s the inspiration behind this collection, what was the vision for this season (knits in particular)?

In this Spring/Summer season we were again inspired by mother nature and all the memories of our childhood in the outdoors.  We mainly focused on creating pieces that are both practical and intentional for children's everyday lives. 


What sets this collection aside from previous ones?

The combination of vintage inspired pieces with soft, earthy colors were the main goals for this collection. We think that by bringing back favorites and adding new pieces is probably the two main reasons why this collection is the best yet. We love going back to time and reintroducing forgotten shapes of garments. The most rewarding feeling is seeing them coming back to life. All of our collections are usually inspired by vintage fashion and this one is no different. 






If you had to pick a favorite knit piece from this season, what would it be?

It's very difficult to pick one because there are several we love, but probably the girls knit shorties. The vision we had for this piece was very clear to us - we wanted a piece that transpired both classic and feminine. 





I do have to mention that the wrap romper is on the top of the list too. The excitement about this piece in unexplainable. The functionality and design of it are what makes this piece so unique. 




What can we expect from the second drop?

We cannot wait for the second drop. Every piece was designed with comfort in mind. The knitwear collection goes hand in hand with our linens and essentials lines dropping at the end of the month. You can expect more earthy colors, bold textures and both patterned and solid textiles. 




March 04, 2019 — Makel Gardner