kid friendly custom couch - home reserve

We just put together our couch from Home Reserve and couldn't be happier! We went with the Laney sectional in the Cantina Peanut leather. I'm so glad we went with leather because this couch has already withstood the stomach flu.

This couch has some really awesome features! It arrives in pieces/separate boxes which makes it super easy to bring down staircases, apartments, etc. Putting it together was a bit time consuming but very simple! It took us two nights (about 4 hours each night) to put it together. So around 8 hours total but we had a LOT of pieces. You can also choose to sand, each piece includes a sanding sponge and gloves. I'd suggest sanding before you bring them inside to assemble. 

My favorite feature is the storage. We have an unfinished basement so our storage situation isn't the greatest. Every piece has storage underneath. We've been using it for toys, blankets, and occasionally babies ;)

The other best part is that is 100% customizable. Here's the pieces we chose to fit our space perfectly (from right to left)

right end piece

3 armless pieces

corner piece

armless piece

standard ottoman (we can move that wherever needed)

corner ottoman (is attached)


It fits our space perfectly. They have layout suggestions to start from, or you can 100% build from scratch like we did! 

We frequently get asked if it is comfortable...answer: YES!! No springs involved, the cushions are made of foam. We are used to foam since we switched our mattresses years ago. So we love them!! Very "cushy", however we all fight over who gets to sit in the comfy corner. 

My only cons to this couch is that the seats are a bit shallow. However they include all measurements online so I knew this before ordering. Also I wish the cushions had velcro so they stayed in place a bit better. 

Would I recommend? Yes, I could not recommend enough. In fact, we look forward to doing lots more business with these guys in the future e.g. basement and office furniture!



July 23, 2018 — Annalee Alvord