is the owlet a baby necessity?

August 17, 2017 0 Comments

is the owlet a baby necessity?

I'm sure you've heard about the Owlet baby monitor/smart sock, but is it really worth it? We've been using the Owlet for almost three months now, I'd say it's worth every penny. Pretty sure every parents' worst fear is SIDS, it's just a scary, tragic thing that happens for no reason and us as parents feel like we have no control. Sure we can practice safe sleeping the best we know how but it is still not a guarantee. How many first time parents wake multiple times a night just to check to see if their baby is breathing? I'd say most! 

The owlet is very simple to use. You put the sock on your baby (baby doesn't mind at all). There's also three different sized socks to use throughout that first year. The sock is connected to the base station which connects to your home wi-fi. You can download the app to track babies heart rate and oxygen levels right on your phone. The base will light up yellow if the base station disconnects from the sock, and will light up red if babies levels go out of the norm. 

We have yet to have the red alarm go off, except for once when baby was awake and crying. His heart rate went up to high and boy that alarm is loud. Which is exactly what you want so it can wake you if something is wrong. Tripp is still sleeping in our bedroom and I go to feed him at night in his room, so occasionally the yellow alarm goes off (it plays a song). Usually I just have to touch the sock and it turns off. 

We don't leave home without this thing, it's going to Utah with us for our vacation. There's been a couple nights where I have forgotten to put it on Tripp before swaddling and putting him down. I didn't get any sleep because I was worrying so much. They've also added Connected Care, an app that allows you to track historical data, red notification information and sleep trends. So awesome and a must have for every parent IMO! 

Put this baby on your registry list, you won't regret it!! You can buy the Owlet here.