hunting for spring moments with scandinavian rabbits- jime hodson

hunting for spring moments with scandinavian rabbits- jime hodson

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Thank you Jime for sharing this post with us!


Spring is here, Easter is fast-approaching, and sunny days are peaking their heads out from behind a cold, dark winter.

I’m so excited! I love decorating the house with fresh flowers and enjoying a rhythm of life again after the January-February lull.

Thanks to COVID-19, though, we’re currently under quarantine. And that means my kids haven’t been able to play with their friends like usual.

So they turned into rabbits

They’ve been extra bored at home, so I got these printable rabbit masks from @mer_mag_shop.

I think they look adorable and they were easy to cut out and put together.

After our activity, my little rabbits got hungry…

So we made carrot cake loaf

I did some searching on Pinterest and came across a recipe for a carrot cake loaf that I thought would be really fun to do together.

Kitchen space and sharing become issues when we bake, so we try to split the work between each kid.

Graham helped us crack the eggs (local, organic, and multi-colored!), put in the dry ingredients, and shred the carrots.

We don’t have a food processor, so we had to shred each one by hand. Since the recipe was for 2 loaves with a pound of carrots each, we quickly halved the recipe lol

Rose came in after the loaf had baked and cooled to help me decorate. She frosted the loaf (while helping herself to some frosting along the way) and then piped cute little carrots across top.

The recipe is pretty simple and it seriously turned out great! The only thing I regret was not adding more orange and green food coloring to darken the color of the carrots on top.

You can try it for yourself and enjoy it with your little rabbits this spring!

So our hunt was successful

With everything going on in the world, it’s clear this spring won’t be like the last one.

But once it's all over, we'll be left with the moments of our own making that we will remember forever.

We can't let our fears stop us from creating those moments with those closest to us. Let's take each day by the reins, tear open the curtains, and let the sunshine flood our hearts.

Feliz Easter!


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April 01, 2020 — Makel Gardner