supporting your favorite small shops while their doors are closed

meet our brick & mortar stockists

These last few weeks have made us more grateful than ever for the small things we may have taken for-granted before COVID-19 placed our world on pause. Lessons in appreciation we hope we can hold on to for years beyond this pandemic. Maybe adding a bit more joy into what was once mundane, into our daily routines, and places that bring us comfort.

How many of you are missing strolling through your favorite local shops? The sound of that bell ringing, welcoming you as you pull open the door, the familiar smell that greets you as you step inside, seeing a familiar face ready to help you pick out the perfect items, and the excitement of the subtle changes and new pieces that have changed since your last trip. Us too, mamas.

We've been thinking a lot in this longing, not only about us (as shoppers) but what some of our stockists are missing. As they have had to endure the heartbreak of temporarily closing the doors to long-fought dreams. Some of them have been chasing it for years, owning a staple location in their community that everyone knows. Others, for a matter of a few short weeks, before they were forced to shut something down that had only just began. 

They miss you, even more than you miss them, as you are the key element in keeping their dreams afloat. We've been seeing them post the signs in their windows "Closed until further notice. Please find us online." Today we wanted to take a moment to do our part in helping in that cause. So, we have compiled a list, of our stockists with closed storefronts, with bills and employees to try to pay as they navigate this uncharted territory in ownership. We hope you will take the time to look at each beautiful shop. Because we are all in this together.

We are so lucky to work with some of the most beautiful shops around the world, with both online and/or brick and mortar stores. We hope you're already familiar with them. If your not, please view our full stockist list here. However, we wanted to focus here, on those with a sudden block of resources as they closed locations. 

Some of them may be old favorites for you, while others have rushed to get inventory online in the last week to help them stay afloat. They all have beautifully curated selections, to peruse. Maybe you'll even find one in your area to visit and shop our pieces in person after this storm passes! 

Lastly, thank you for being a community who cares, who always shows up to support the small businesses of the world--like us, these shops, and so many others. It means everything.


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April 06, 2020 — Cheneil Garrett