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Fin + Vince: How to Regrow Celery - Super Fun + Easy!

Spring has sprung! Isn’t it glorious? Our little homestead is hustling and bustling with the promise of new life on the horizon and lots of new surprises. If you don’t know me too well, our little family, my son and myself, live in a little cottage out in rural Iowa. We’ve been spending the past few months preparing our half an acre backyard into a tiny, urban homestead fit with a full vegetable garden, berry bushes, apple trees, and a small flock of chickens. We just brought our new chicks home and have finished our greenhouse where we are caring for seedlings!

A few weeks ago, I tried experimenting with regrowing celery from an organic stalk we had purchased at our local food co-op. After using all of the fresh green part of the plant, we were left with the whitened, not very tasty part of the stalk. I had remembered reading that you could regrow celery in a glass of water. I figured it was worth trying - what did I have to lose?

It was so incredibly easy! I couldn’t believe that an entire new stalk of celery began to grow from the center of the old stalk. It was honestly really incredible to witness. I thought that it was such a fun project to do with children. My son is almost two, so he really doesn’t understand the why part of the fun in growing plants, but he does like to help me water them. If you have children that are a bit older, I am sure they would find this experiment really wild and crazy! And there are so many vegetables that you can grow a new plant from: potatoes, green onions, leeks, fennel, cabbage, romaine lettuce, bok choy, ginger, onions, garlic, and pineapples! Even mushrooms can be regrown. It only takes a few days to see some progress.

You’ll need a small bowl or glass to house your celery stalk. I used a small mason jar to keep mine, which let it sit perfectly upright. Fill your glass with warm water, making sure to not cover the top of the celery, and let it sit in a window that gets plenty of sunlight. We’ve been having regularly overcast/cloudy days, so I let my celery sit in a south-facing window. Spray your little celery stalk with water at least once a day to keep the top moist. And just let it sit!

Make sure you change the water out daily and use warm water to refill the glass. Give it a little spritz here and there, or if you don’t have a sprayer, just sprinkle a little water over the top with your fingers.

You’ll start to see new growth after 5-7 days. I promise! Your celery will start to sprout green leaves and eventually look like mine. I’ve heard that you should move it into soil after about two weeks of growth in the water, but I let mine sit for almost four. I was being lazy! It still continued to grow and no mold appeared for me, but I changed the water quite consistently.

Finally, I took our stalk and planted it in some soil. You’ll want to find a planter deep enough for the entire stalk to be buried beneath soil. Use organic potting soil for the best possible results and a healthy, organic celery stalk at the end of this growing journey. Continue to spritz your new leaf growth and check the soil for dampness every few days. If the soil is dry an inch or so below the topsoil, then it needs a drink!

In about 4-5 months, you’ll have enough celery stalks growing to clip off and eat. The plant will continue to regenerate itself and grow. How amazing is that? You can keep your little potted celery inside your home for the rest of its growth, but if you have a safe place outdoors to let it grow, then that is the best option! The earth is a wonderful place! You can find new treasures everyday. My son had such a fun time watering our celery, and I love watching him explore plants. It’s such a special moment to see your child find joy in the new growth of spring!

xoxo Kayla

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March 27, 2017 — Makel Gardner
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