how to: free breast pump

May 19, 2017

how to: free breast pump

Dealing with insurance companies is definitely on my list of "least favorite things". I'm so happy to share a company I came across that takes all the hassle out of getting your free breast pump. With Fin, it took multiple phone calls, jumping from site to site, and hours of research to get my pump. New moms are already bombarded with so many overwhelming tasks, so I'm thrilled to share Bump Benefits with you all today!

Bump Benefits makes the process of getting your free pump so SO simple! Here's a snippet from their site about what they offer:

"At Bump, we’ve created a site where we make it simple for you to access your insurance-covered benefits. All we need from you is some basic information about your insurance and we handle the rest. We also make it easy for you to find the right breast pump. We’ve done all the research for you on things like two-phase pumping, duckbill valves, breast shield size, and more, so you can quickly and confidently choose the best pump that fits your lifestyle.
And through it all, we’ve learned that many insurance companies also cover lots of other products to make pregnancy and new-parenthood more comfortable. You may be eligible for prenatal vitamins, compression stockings, back braces, and more. If you want to learn more about these products and whether or not you’re covered, we’re here to help you with that too!
Our team is committed to helping you find the best pump that fits your lifestyle, and navigating the insurance process easily and painlessly. Becoming a new parent is amazing, but it can also be stressful. Feeding your baby shouldn’t have to be."
I also have to add that they have a comparison chart with all the most popular pumps on the market. I had actually researched breast pumps for weeks before I came across their site and can attest to their top pumps. I'm definitely going with their suggestion for the top pump this time around, the Spectra. I exclusively pumped with my first for 10 months so having the best pump is very important to me (maybe I'll do a post about that in the near future)! 
I hope you're as excited about this new service as I am! Now go get your FREE PUMP!!

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