How To- A Paper Pumpkin Patch

How To: Paper Pumpkin Patch

This year may look different but it doesn't mean we can't celebrate! Here is a way to keep Halloween traditions alive from home.

Thank you Haylee-Rae for this blog post.

This year, things are looking a little different for the start of the holiday seasons. So with a lot of our local pumpkin patch is closed, we decided to let the kids make their own paper pumpkin patch at home. The kids had a blast putting these pumpkins together, and the best part about this project is now we don’t have to worry about pumpkins rotting from the Los Angeles heat, haha! 

You’ll need: 

-construction paper 

-popsicle sticks 

-wood glue 

-double sided tape (or a glue stick!) 


How to: 

-Use the wood glue to connect to end of the popsicle sticks to make a longer stick. You will want the popsicle stick to be the length of at least one and a half of the pumpkin shapes so you don’t have floppy pumpkins 

-Next cut out shapes for all your different pieces (I used two different shades of orange for the pumpkins, black for the face pieces, and brown and green for the stems) 

-Then tape all of the face pieces to your pumpkins! I included two different stem shapes, triangles for eyes, smaller triangles for noses, and different shapes for the mouths. 

-Now tape the pumpkins to the popsicle sticks, and you’re ready to put on the faces! *Make sure to apply pressure when sticking the pumpkins to the sticks, to ensure that they will stay in place* 

-Lastly, once the pumpkins are decorated, stick the popsicle sticks into your grass, potted plants, or anywhere else in your home that you need a little bit of holiday spirit!

October 26, 2020 — Kiely Robledo