homeschool resources and school space inspiration

September 25, 2017 0 Comments

homeschool resources and school space inspiration

Hi Everyone! It's back to school time and fall weather is just around the corner for us here in Vegas! Since we have started home school for Pre-K with Fin this year, I thought it'd be fun for a school post. I've come across some awesome school/play spaces that are perfect for fellow homeschoolers, and even if you're not homeschooling this a great craft/art/play space for homework and creative play. Excited to share them with you today. 

This post is sponsored by M is for Monster. This company is an AWESOME way to up your homeschool game, soooo many resources on here. It's a monthly subscription for preschool....Genius RIGHT?! You can get the monthly boxes which include everything (down to the glue) you need for the activities and crafts, or if you have a good amount of art supplies already at home you can opt for the $5 per month printables. Just by signing up for her newsletter you get a bunch of free printables and she's always posting more on her blog. Your toddler doesn't have to be quite preschool age to enjoy the fun activities she has put together. There's 3 levels to choose from and some activities are as simple as a menu for playing restaurant. Honestly one of my favorite companies I've found to date! So do yourself a favor and check out her site, EVERYONE can benefit from her curriculum (below is an example of what a themed box looks like) and then check out these drool worthy school spaces below. Bring on the learning!! :)



This space is brought to you by @burtsbrisplease

  • The bookshelf to the left - West Elm
  • The shelf above the desk and paper roll - Ikea
  • the alphabet poster - cavallini papers
  • the "love in a house" poster - The Bee and the Fox
  • baskets - loom goods, pehr designs
  • the desk, chalkboard and jars - vintage and thrift finds
  • pencil sharpener - amazon
  • wooden toys - Monroe workshop, banner toys, Melissa and Doug and vintage


This next space brought you by @mama_jbird

  • Trace-n-Erase Chalkboards- chalk full of design 
  • Jute rug- Homegoods
  • Brass Watering Can - Target
  • Alphabet Art (in market basket) - petit collage
  • Brass & Marble Globe- TJ Maxx
  • Banner is from @shopfoglinen


Last space brought to you by @afamilyprintshop

  • Canvas basket - Pehr Designs
  • Cash register and abacus - IKEA 
  • Number chalkboard - chalk full of design
  • Most other items are thrifted (chairs, chalkboard, pencil jars..)