Holiday Teacher Gifts

It's safe to say our teachers (and parents) are working extra hard this year for our kids. We've got some great gift ideas to show your teachers how much you appreciate them and they are sure to lift spirits this holiday season! From ornaments to cozy mittens, there's sure to be something for teachers everywhere. If you're a teacher, tell us! What is your favorite gift you've gotten from a student?

Since many of our teachers are working remotely this year, our Cozy Waffle Blanket would be the perfect gift for them to snuggle up with while teaching from home!

Our fun pencil bag and colored pencils would be perfect for an art project, and it also serves as a perfect little place to keep supplies!

2020 will definitely be a year to remember, so what better way than with an ornament that can go on your tree year after year? Our embroidered ornaments will hopefully serve as a happy memory and our apple knit ornament is just perfect for a teacher!

Our vintage mittens are perfectly cozy and warm (and bonus, the whole family could match!)

If you can't find anything that perfectly suits your teacher, don't fret! We've also got gift cards so your teacher could pick anything they'd like. With all our teachers have been through this year, I'm sure they'll love whatever you choose! Happy Holidays to all our teachers!

December 01, 2020 — Creative Team