Gardening - fast growing veggies

June 23, 2017

Gardening - fast growing veggies

Hello, friends! 


When we found out that Fin & Vince’s Spring/Summer collection was called Grandma’s Secret Garden, it was almost too good to be true. As first time gardeners, we are learning and discovering new things every single day. If you happen to know me or follow along with me online, then you know that I have been working since this past January to make our small scale sustainable homesteading dream come true. We planted our entire garden from seed and have seen some amazing results! Our family believes that anyone can grow their own food and benefit from the amazing rewards in budget, body, and soul.


One of the more amazing results from growing our own food? Watching my son actually eat it! Yes! I have a very picky eater, or more, a stubborn eater. He has to make the decision himself to eat his food. Even though he likes most things, if he hasn’t decided he’s ready to eat, then it’s just a huge battle to get him to actually put food in his mouth. While we’ve tried every trick in the book to get him to eat something, anything, I have never seen anything quite like watching him experiment with new foods and flavors in the garden. Why is it that children won’t eat a home cooked meal, yet they will shovel in handfuls of dirt and grass? 


Part of me wonders if its some primal instinct that we’ve long forgotten. Is it something about getting those microbes from the dirt in their systems to prepare their immune system, or maybe they’re just babies who don’t know any better? Whatever it may be, my son will gobble up lettuce if he gets to pick it. Yes! It’s really fascinating. And I want to share with you some fast-growing vegetables that you can grow yourself for you and your family. These veggies are super easy, fool-proof gardening staples that you can start growing right now, no matter where you live. Each of these plants sustains well in pots or vertical gardens and produces in less than 60 days to harvest. Let’s go!




These include lettuce, kale, and spinach. These leafy plants are so easy to grow! Most lettuces take less than a month to produce, and spinach can be even faster. Though kale is considered a brassica (that’s in relation to cabbage, broccoli, and kohlrabi), we often group it in with the greens. Greens are a great way to get your kiddos to try something new that they can easily pick themselves. If you have older kids, maybe they can help you plant and watch the quick growing process of an amazing plant! While lettuce is awesome and often grows the quickest, it can only be harvested once. Kale and spinach? They can be harvested all season long! Just clip off what you want and keep going until winter comes. 



I was really surprised to see how quickly our tomatoes took off! They’ve been super easy to grow and take care of, and the leaves smell absolutely amazing! Even more fun? It’s the time of year for green tomatoes. We’re waiting patiently for ours to keep growing, but for now Tad is enjoying eating the little green cherry tomatoes. I still can’t believe he’ll try them! Tomatoes take about 50 to 90 days to produce, depending on the variety you choose and can be enjoyed all season long as well. No need to replace! This is a great vegetable to plant as a beginning gardener.



This is a must try! Right now, we are growing both summer and winter squash, including zucchinis, pumpkins, butternut squash, and cucumbers. They were the easiest plants to start from seed for us! Though it’s a bit late in the season to plant these fast growing crops, you may be able to squeeze them in if you live a mild climate. Be sure to check out your growing zone and how that correlates to the seeds or seedlings you pick up. Growing squash was extremely satisfying because it sprouted in less than a week and continued to grow large and tall, taking over most of the garden! Tad loves walking in amongst the squash and finding all of the baby pumpkins for me. He’ll even try a squash flower or two, which taste amazing! If you are wanting some zucchini to try, they take around 40-50 days until harvest. So fast!

I hope you found some useful insight on which plants can grow quickly in your garden and help supplement your family! There is nothing more rewarding than watching a few measly vegetable seeds turn into a living, producing plant that you can just go pick whenever you like. I highly recommend trying it if you’ve been curious! All it takes is some dirt, water, sunlight, and a little patience to make seeds grow. Your kids will love going through the experience with you! 



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