fingerprint easter cards- sue prado

fingerprint easter cards- sue prado

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Hi everyone!

I’m so glad to share this simple Easter craft with you all to enjoy with your little ones. There have been so many people and small shops in this community creating beautiful things during this time of worry and uncertainty. Easter is still approaching though, and with it the same message of hope and redemption. So from one screen to another, I hope you and yours are well, and may these cards help keep little hands busy and your day a bit lighter. 

You’ll need:

  • watercolor paper or cardstock paper 
  • paint tray with multiple wells
  • watercolor set
  • cup with water
  • brushes
  • thumbs up!

How to:

  • fold the watercolor paper or cardstock in half. I tore the edges of the watercolor paper before folding using a ruler to hold it down to give it some texture.
  • use a wet brush to transfer the watercolors to each well in the tray, this allows for paint mixing if you’d like to make colors more pastel
  • paint hill and cross first and allow to dry 
  • have the kids take turns fingerprinting the card with different colors, these will become the flowers, chicks, and toadstools
  • after the fingerprints have dried, draw the flower stems, spots on the toadstool, and finish the chicks 
  • voilà!

You can personalize the inside of the card with a special message and even sign it with the fingerprint of each child. We made these last year and they were a hit with friends and family members because they serve as keepsakes. 

And now your cards are ready to be gifted. Take a walk and drop them in your neighbor’s mailbox, or mail them to your loved ones. 

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Happy Easter from the Prado family!

April 02, 2020 — Makel Gardner