FIN & VINCE with Lindsey Badenhop

1- Tell us a little bit about you. What is your story?
I'm Lindsey and my life is surrounded by boys and that just could not make me any happier. Wife to my high school sweetie turned farmer, Cory and mama to two rambunctious, sweet little boys, Hayden [3] and Finley [16 months] and our fur baby Rylee. We call home a 1900s brick home in the countryside of Northwest Ohio. I'm lucky to spend my days wrapped around my babies, but prior to them, I found myself in the fashion industry. My happy place is now styling these kiddos, rearranging our house one million times and blogging my heart out. With these things I have found a bit of my past self, which honestly, can get lost in a beautiful way once those little peanuts arrive. 

 2- What's your daily routine like with two little ones? 

We wake up, I milk Finley [yes this is what we call it now at 16 months ha] and we all head down stairs. We turn on the record player and with that the boys are demanding breakfast. Usually eggs for them and a cup of coffee for me. And then a snack for them. And another.  The mornings seem to fly by, but this is usually when I get my "chores" done and the boys play or watch a show. 

We try to get outside once a day, that being either playing outback on their swing set, rummaging through our garden, or heading into town to stop at our favorite park. Naps are up next, but honestly, I think they are both giving the naps a no go soon. HELP. If they do sleep, and at the same time I should add, this is when I get a bit of time to myself. Usually I try to sit my butt down on the couch and do absolutely nothing. Or take one thousand pictures for the blog. Or eat.  
I try to make dinner every night [i just laughed out loud] and while I'm doing so the boys play on the back deck. Then comes baths, one of my favorite times of the day. They splash and giggle and play together and everyone is just happy. So happy. Bed time stories, prayers, I love yous and goodnight kisses round out our day.

3- what are some of your favorite activities to do as a family of 4?
We love taking long family bike rides together. We usually end up riding along the trail by the river and stopping at the falls. Or riding into town for ice cream is always a good choice, too! 


4- what are some of your favorite baby/kid products out there that we should know about? 
Oh man, how do I choose?! There's so many good products out there right now! I recently just came across happy heart kid. They supply fun activity kits to help parents teach important life skills . Our Gathre mat is a total must around here! Y'all need the nose frida if you don't have one. You may think it's gross, but just trust me. And tubby todd's all over ointment. It's a little miracle worker!  


5-  what are some of your favorite pieces from Fin & Vince right now and why? 
You know I need all the pieces, right? But I'm totally goo goo eyes over the overalls. They've been my favorite from the beginning. Along with the rompers, as you know by how much I cherish our 'free as a bird' one from the original line. The fit is just perfect. And I adore the rust stripes and houses prints. And the linen!! And that knit romper!! WOW.



6- What has been your favorite part of motherhood as a stay-at-home mom? 
I often take staying home for granted. It's incredibly hard, being needed and constantly with your babies every second of the day. But then bed time comes around and I long for them. Like sometimes I actually wake them up and bring them into my bed. And then that's when it hits me, how lucky I am to have every moment with them both every day. To watch them grow and learn and become their own person. I never miss a new 'first', a new milestone, a funny thing they do, or a boo boo to kiss, and that has to be my absolute favorite part. 


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