Candle Making with Amanda Pahls

Over the last few years, the little ladies and I have developed a real love of candle making! We enjoy dipping them and pouring them and are excited to teach you how to pour your own!  

Homemade candles make for such precious gifts, and making them together creates such special memories. The smell of beeswax instantly warms my heart and I know will remind me of this magical time in our lives for years to come!  

When pouring candles, I like to use 100% beeswax. We get ours from a friend’s local apiary and clean it ourselves, but I’ve linked a few here, along with the wicks that we use, that you can purchase on amazon.  

I like to use thrifted vessels to pour candles into and recently found about 50 antique tins at my favorite local antique store for $30! These little guys are perfect for making special candles. I have repurposed mini crocks, glass yogurt jars, mini soup bowls and all kinds of things for our candles. Just don’t use plastic.

For time sake, I will run you through this pouring tutorial really quickly, but if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I hope this tutorial is helpful and plays a part in creating special memories and gifts for you and your loved ones!


You can use a double boiler but I have found this thrifted pot works great for us. When making candles, you want to designate anything that might get wax on it for candle making only. It’s not fun to clean. Melt your wax on low-medium, making sure it doesn’t simmer or boil. Once it’s all melted, it’s ready to be poured.  


Give your wick a little dip in your melted wax to secure your wick at the bottom of your candle. Use a pencil or paintbrush or anything like this to wrap your wick around to hold in place. Be sure to place a hot pad under your pot.


Once your wick is secure, pour away, filling your vessel about 3/4 full. In this stage you can add essential oils to create a scented candle. I love adding peppermint and rosemary to ours but I think plain beeswax smells just as glorious!  


Set your candles in a spot where they can cool down slowly. You can set them on a cookie sheet and in the oven or even directly into the microwave to help them cool at a slower pace. This is to try and avoid the wax from cracking. During this stage, grab a putty knife and scrape off any wax that got all over the table. I might start using a funnel or trying a method where I spill less when I pour. Any suggestions?This would be a good time to mention it can get messy. Maybe lay down newspapers or craft paper before step 2 to avoid messes. #notetoself  


After your candles have had long enough to set up and harden, cut your wick down and enjoy! I find that lighting candles around the house makes for such a cozy atmosphere. And! Did you know burning beeswax actually cleans your air?! The negative ions bind with toxins which helps remove them from the air, providing a cleaner environment for you and your family! So cool!  

Welp! I hope you guys have so much fun making these and have a truly magical Holiday season!!! Love, the Pahls Family

December 15, 2020 — Creative Team