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Trying to decide what to register for, when you're expecting your first baby, can be a long process. I know the options are overwhelming and sometimes we simply don't know what to add to our list. That is why I created this simple baby essentials registry, based on products that have definitely proven to be a necessity for me and my family. 

I'm expecting our third baby, my oldest son is five years old and we have a daughter who's two. Looking back I realize there were things we purchased that we didn't really need or didn't use enough to make worth the investment. I wish I had come across an honest list of things my children would absolutely need. So I hope the information below is helpful to you as you prepare your home to welcome your baby.

We strive to be a minimalist, non-toxic, family. My goal for this article is to give you a list of products that are safe for you and your baby, you can feel at ease knowing that no harsh chemicals were used in the manufacturing of the items of this list. If you'd like to create a registry for the products below, I suggest you use Baby List, it will let you put anything onto your baby registry from any store. Some of the links I'm sharing below are from Amazon, so you can also create an Amazon Baby Registry and add these items to your list. If you are not having a baby shower, Baby List is still a great place to have all of the items from your wish list organized.

Non-Toxic Baby Essentials Registry by Bruna Masalin

Baby Clothing:

Side-Snap / Wrap One Piece: These are the best for your baby's first few months of life, even better for when their umbilical cord stump still hasn't fallen off. Choose easy for the first three months, you will need it when changing baby's diapers (especially at night).

Onesies: onesies are very useful, your baby will wear a lot of them. 

Outerwear / Baby Suit: We live in Connecticut where most of the year is cold, having good quality outerwear is a must for us. Here's an important tip: buy bigger sizes, because your baby will be wearing another layer of clothing underneath her body suit, you want it to be comfortable and easy to put on and off.

Simple Cardigan: Wrap cardigans are such a convenient option. I always choose comfortable and easy for babies, it makes a big difference!

Comfortable Pants: Perfect to put over onesies.

Baby Bonnets: not only these are stylish, but they will protect those little ears!

Knit Booties: One pair is plenty! You will love having these handy if you're taking your baby to a special occasion or event.

Baby Socks: Baby shoes are completely optional, but I would stock up on baby socks. 

Organic Cotton Newborn Mittens: Perfect for preventing scratches on their faces.

Nap Time & Sleepwear:

Sleep sacks / Bunting Bag: Sleep sacks are so useful! My kids lived in these until they started rolling from side to side. They make diaper changing so convenient! I love this bunting bag from Fin and Vince! For night time, the baby sleeping bags I recommend are from these two ethical shops: and

*Sleep sacks (or wearable blankets, sleeping bags and bunting bags) replace loose blankets in the crib or bassinet that can cover your baby's face and interfere with breathing.

Baby Gear:

Rocker: Charlie Crane France - I'm so happy I invested on a rocker with my first baby, we've gotten so much use out of ours. I like to move it around the house depending where I'm at, that way it's easier to keep my eyes on baby. I have a few friends, with multiple children, who agree that this item is a life saver! The Baby Rocker Levo by Charlie Crane Paris is by far my favorite rocker on the market. It's beautiful and I love that it's suitable for babies up to 7 months. Definitely worth the investment.

Stroller & Car Seat: I like the Uppa Baby Vista and the Mesa Infant Car Seat that attaches to the stroller. This stroller is perfect for parents with multiple children, because you can attach a toddler seat and car seat at the same time. But it's also great if you have only one child! I love that you can customize it to fit your needs. This is a light weight stroller, which is a true necessity for me.

Another car seat option that has gotten really good reviews (and is also non-toxic) is the Nuna. Nuna offers a few different options to choose from and all of them are free of flame retardants and harsh chemicals.

Baby Carriers: For ring slings, I highly recommend Wildbird. I've been wearing babies for almost five years now, the best ring slings I've ever had are all from Wildbird. They offer great support for your back and baby, I cannot recommend it enough. Another non-toxic AND convenient option is the Boba Classic 4Gs Baby Carrier. If you're the type that likes family hiking this carrier is a great option for you. I also like using this type of baby carrier when I'm at the grocery store.


Crib: The Ikea Crib - Made from solid beech, this kind of wood will not cause any harm to your baby! And it's only $79.99!!

Non-Toxic Mattress: The Emily Natural by My Green Mattress is made of certified organic materials and it does not have flame retardant chemicals. If you are going to invest on something organic, go for the mattress! It's one of the most important items in your nursery. You can use code GN35 to get $35 off your order! Promo code provided by a sweet mama, called Yasmine, that runs the very informational Gentle Nursery Blog

Crib Sheets: These affordable sheets from Pottery Barn Kids are made of 100% organic cotton AND are really cute. I love the safari print, but they have a lot of different options available.

Wicker Bassinet / Moses Basket: This bassinet from Tad Poles is the most affordable bassinet you'll ever find on the market, it's woven from pure Moroccan palm leaf. Once my kids outgrown this basket, I used it as storage for their toys and blankets. It's a great item to have in the house.

Regular Bassinet: If you're willing to spend a little more, the Halo Bassinet is a great alternative to the Moses basket. I like that it keeps baby at arms reach.

Air Purifier + Humidifier: We use the BBLUV Ultrasonic Humidifier and love it! It comes with a big reservoir, so you don't have to worry about filling the tank with water every few hours. We live in Connecticut, where the air is very dry and this humidifier has been a life saver! It works as an air-purifier and essential oil diffuser as well. 

Baby Clothing Hangers: We use the Huggable hangers, I really like them because they come with a soft-touch velvet exterior that helps keep their clothes in place. Baby clothes are small and you will be thankful to have non-slip hangers handy.

Blankets: We love our Max and Moose light blanket. I use it to swaddle baby, as a nursing cover and car seat protector. You will need a heavier blanket as well and I recommend using gauze, this 6 layer gauze blanket from Fin and Vinceis made of 100% organic cotton and I love the color.

Co-Sleeper / Baby Lounger: My favorite co-sleeper is the Snuggle Me Organic. My daughter was born in South America and we brought her home to the United States when she was only one month old. I was afraid she wasn't going to sleep well without consistency, so I knew I had to invest on a lounger that she could get accustomed to. We took it everywhere when she was a newborn, she slept great in every new place because the SnuggleMe was her familiar place. I wish I had known about this co-sleeper with my first son, because it made a huge difference on my daughter's sleep. This lounger is great for nap time, you won't regret getting one!

Nursing Pillow: Snuggle Me Organic just launched these beautiful nursing pillows and I'm love!


Disposable Diapers: I always recommend Nature's Promise diapers because not only they're choline free, but they are also on the more affordable side. These can be easily found at your local Stop & Shop store. If you don't have Stop & Shop where you live, the Honest Diapers are also safe for baby and you can order them online.

Cloth Diapers: My little girl has always worn cloth diapers during the day. We've tried several different brands, but the one diaper that impressed us the most was from Tidy Tots. I love the hemp inserts and that these diapers are designed to avoid leaks around legs and waist area. We never had any leak problems!

Wipes: Water Wipes are great because of the simple ingredients: 99.9% purified, filtered and softened Irish water and one drop of Grapefruit seed extract. No unnecessary chemicals.

Homemade wipes are also an option. This book, Clean Mama's Guide to a Healthy Home by Becky Rapinchuk, has recipes for baby wash, household cleaners, homemade wipes and more. I love Clean Mama and often use her recipes in our house, her book compiles very good information for families looking to detox their homes from chemicals and substances that can be harmful to their bodies.

Diaper Storage: This really useful organizer from Pro Baby Gear has organic cotton lining. 

Diaper Bag: I own a Pacapod and it's been one of my favorite diaper bags. It comes with two separate pods for organizing feeding and changing items, this organization system makes things easy to find inside the bag. Plus, the style I linked here is simply beautiful! Two other diaper bags I love are from Josefina Bags and Fawn Design.

Bath Time:

Baby Wash & Shampoo: I use Dr. Bronners Unscented Baby Soap. This is a concentrated Castile soap that can last you a long time, you can simply dilute a small portion into filtered water and you will have the perfect baby wash. Dr. Bronners is rated as clean by the EWG Healthy Living app, which is a big deal! I also love this Hair & Body Wash combo from Tubby Todd. These are perfect for your baby's sensitive skin.

Towels: This hooded baby towel from San Francisco Baby is made of 100% organic bamboo, it's super soft and it gets even softer with every wash. I give it five starts.

Wash Cloths: These Channing & Yates wash cloths are made of bamboo fiber as well and are completely free of chemicals. 

Tub: The Primo Euro Bath tubs are made in the USA and are also BPA free, lead free and phthalate free. 

Baby Care:

Pacifiers: Give me all the colors! These Bibs pacifiers by Mushie are made of natural rubber and also are BPA free, PCV free and phthalate free. You will feel so good knowing that your baby's mouth is having direct contact to only safe materials.

Pacifiers Clips: Mushie also makes these modern pacifier clips that are made of premium quality 100% food grade silicone. These are 100% non-toxic AND handmade by moms in the USA. If you have the opportunity to support a small business, go for this one!

Bottles: If you are willing to invest on glass bottles, Lifefactory bottles are a great option for you! The good news is that these come with a protective silicone sleeve, so you don't need to worry about the glass breaking.

Hair brush: This affordable set of wooden hair brush and comb by Green Sprouts is a great item to add to your registry!

Laundry Detergent: I will give you two amazing options that are safe and economical. Molly Suds is a great laundry detergent, formulated with only earth-derived ingredients. This product is Cerfified Cruelty Free, Certified Vegan, Made in the USA, and rated "A" by the EWG's Guide to Healthy Living. But if you're looking for a detergent that has a sweet scent that will make your house smell like newborn babies, this Laundress Baby Detergent is the safe way to go. It's 100% non-toxic! I recommend getting their gallon size, because it will give you up to 256 washes. Their baby scent is a calming blend of vanilla, musk, lily of the valley, lavender, and sandalwood. 

Thermometer: Most will say rectal thermometers are the most accurate thermometers, while I don't disagree I still prefer to use the digital ones and recommend this one on Amazon.

For the Breastfeeding Mom:

Lactation Bars and Teas: Oat Mama really helped me with my nursing journey! Their bars are simply delicious and the perfect late night snacks. You will love having these available when you're nursing your newborn. Their lactation products definitely helped increase my milk supply. My favorite tea flavor is Chai Spice, yum! They only use Non-GMO ingredients!

Nursing Bra: You will need extra soft nursing bras, something that will not bother when you're sleeping. My pick is the Kindred Bravely nursing bra, made of organic cotton. These are wireless nursing bras, that will offer the comfort you need.

Stylish Maternity Dresses: I lived in my Roolee Dresses when I was nursing. It's hard to find ethical brands that support your breastfeeding journey while also offering good styles. Roolee is that brand you've been looking for. 


Play Mat / Sheepskin: I love using our sheepskin rug from Easy Perry as a play mat for my babies, it's 100% organic, and free of all of those nasty chemicals you will find in synthetic pelts. These are extremely soft, and once baby moves to crawling stage, you can use them to decorate any part of your home. We love using ours in our reading nook corner as well. I own two of these, and they've received a lot of love in this house. The reason why I don't buy the colorful playmats is because they go back to the closet too soon, I want to invest on something that lasts and can be useful for other things.

Play Gym: This wooden play gym from Poppy Seed Play is not only super cute, but also made to last. It goes perfect with the pelt I suggested above.

Rattle: This classic wooden rattle from Bannor Toys has been one of the most used toys in my home, baby girl used this rattle to work on her motor coordinations when she was tiny, and as soon as she started walking this became a musical instrument that my older son loves playing with. 

Information on Clean and Safe products for your home:

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by Bruna Masalin | @themasalins

January 13, 2020 — Makel Gardner