an annual floral affair- hannah freas

an annual floral affair- hannah freas

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Ever since I can remember, come springtime, my mom would take me to the little nursery down the road. She’d let me pick out all of the flowers that caught my eye and then take me home and let me get dirty planting them. It's one of the most wonderful memories I have as a child. Now that we’ve almost finished up building our house across the street from my childhood home, I get to start collecting the same kind of moments with my two little rascals.

We recently made our way to the same little nursery I went to as a child and another old favorite nursery, and picked out our stash of annuals for the year. We don’t have our own front porch ready for pots just yet, but the kids wanted to help decorate MiMi and Papa’s front porch and their play fort porch. 

Even if you don’t have a lot of space for flowers, if you love planting them as much as we do, you might enjoy sharing some with a neighbor or friend! 

As we scour the nursery, I like to help the kids understand why some flowers are better than others for certain pots. I also make sure that all of the flowers we want to place together love the same amount of light and water. This year I was really feeling yellows, reds, purples and whites together. I do love a good floral arrangement where all the flowers compliment one another and the textures and heights are varying to add interest! 

As a rule of thumb, when I know I will be planting in a hanging basket, I will usually search for a trailing plant that I love first because I love how they look. Here are a few you can choose from: trailing pansies, million bells, and creeping jenny. 

After the trailing plant, I look for something bushy and leafy. Not every plant going into your planter needs to have flowers. Sometimes having interesting leaves can break up the monotony. The last piece to the puzzle is to add a little upright bloom that is just adorable in its own way. You could add marigolds, pansies, daisies, or pretty much any small flower that you love. If you’re planting in a bigger pot that sits on the ground, you will also need a tall bloom. We went with these incredible dahlia’s this year! They never disappoint. 

Now is the best part of all! Getting dirty. This will be one of those collected moments you’ll treasure for a lifetime. 

Make sure not to overcrowd your planters. It can be easy to try and make everything fit but you only need about 3 to 5 plants in each planter depending on the size. 

They will grow quickly with lots of sunshine and water and before you know it your planters will be overflowing with beautiful life. 


Don’t forget to water your planters every day and look for new flowers with the kids. Make a game out of it and see who can find the most buds or who can pick off the most wilted flowers so that new ones can come in, especially on petunias. Make sure to explain to the kids how important flowers are for pollinators like bees and hummingbirds and to point out the other joys they can bring to our everyday life. Let the long days of summer grow your flowers and enjoy all the smells and beautiful color they have to offer with the ones you love most!