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My name is Meagan Heaton. I am a birth doula in Salt lake City. I have been a doula for four years. I started Tiny Blessings Doula services right after I had my second Cesarean. Fouls work was something that I knew I was destined to do based off of the fire of excitement I felt inside when I was researching how to become a doula in the OR recovery room. Helping couples through birth is something I am VERY passionate about. VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) is something I have always held close to my heart being a cesarean momma myself and even more so after I had a VBA2C. 
         Recently I was contacted by a doula colleague of mine, Julie Francom. She asked me if I would like to partner up with her in a company called Utah VBAC Link. I am honored and excited to say that I have joined her and together we will be offering recourses, education, support, and comfort for mommas all over the Utah Valley. We want moms and couples to be able to have a safe place to turn to with questions and recourses as they prepare for their VBAC’s as well as educate on cesarean prevention. During our course we will learn things like, how to prepare your mind and body for your VBaC, finding your perfect birth team, Education on VBAC facts so you are able to have an educated conversation with your provider and more!!  Classes will be starting in the fall so be sure to follow our social media pages to learn more about when those will be available to enroll in. If you have had a Cesarean, VBAC, or know someone who has that may like to share their story please contact us for a chance to be featured on our blog, social media pages, and or podcast. 
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Meagan Heaton
Co founder of Utah VBAC Link
June 09, 2018 — Annalee Alvord