5 Must Have Baby Products - Rachel

Nothing says “excitement” like the crazy nesting urge that kicks in sometime during that last month of pregnancy  - or if you’re anything like me, from the moment you see those two lines first appear. The amount of nail holes I put in our walls and then decided I didn’t like the picture frame “right there” and actually wanted it “over there” possibly drove my husband batty during those nine months. I spent so much time planning and researching every little thing I could, even with my pregnancy of our third baby. I get teased for making lists all the time and putting them on sticky notes around the house, so I figured I would share my “virtual sticky note” of newborn must-haves with you!

  1. Snuggle Me Organic To keep your little one snuggled up and comfortable.
  2. Owlet Smart Sock - So mama can get some of that much needed shut-eye.
  3. Wild Bird Ring Sling - For an easy transition to this big, wide world. 
  4. Gathre Micro Mat  - The perfect portable changing mat.
  5. Bibs Pacifier  - Not every baby takes a pacifier, but you’d better believe I was prepared! 


Getting ready for a newborn is like getting ready for a new roommate: you clean the house up, put on a pot of coffee, then your roommate decides to keep you up all night. So you invest in earbuds and more coffee. Or if you’re lucky enough that your new roommate is actually your darling baby, you just snuggle that baby up and breathe in that fresh newborn smell as long as you possibly can because everything you were so excited for. Is finally here. 







February 14, 2019 — Makel Gardner