3 Holiday Traditions Your Family Should Start This Year

Building memories with your loves starts now and lasts a lifetime

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The cold weather and snowy mountains announce the best time of the year for our family: Christmas time! So I want to share 3 of our favorite holiday traditions with you:

1. Read books by the Christmas tree

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Nothing kicks off this magical season in a more lovely way than reading a favorite Christmas book at bedtime, illuminated by the soft glow of the Christmas tree lights.

Matching pajamas, snuggled up with warm blanket, drinking hot cocoa

Here you have some of our favorites books: 

2. Bake your favorite treats

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The fire is lit, the day is cloudy with high chance of a snow… sounds like the perfect day for baking your favorite treats.

Chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, pumpkin bread, gingerbread, pies… yum!

And every year, while snacking on our baked goods, we prepare little gifts for our neighbors to enjoy. This year I picked up these cute little Holiday Milk Carton Treat Boxes from World Market to pack some warm homemade cookies. We’ll add in our Christmas card and then go door-to-door as a family delivering the treats.

It’s a fun way to keep in touch with the neighbors we know and meet new neighbors we don’t yet. It also helps our children to give first before receiving, and how important it is to care for others.

3. Decorate a mini Christmas tree for the kids

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A couple years ago I got this cute little Christmas tree for the kids, and now is one of the best traditions we could have ever started.

My kids love having their own little tree in their bedroom! They decorate it together and have so much fun doing it. This little simple detail fills our kids with Christmas spirit and, really, that’s all I want for them.

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Gifts that will last a lifetime

These kinds of Christmas traditions are among the greatest gifts we can give our children because, unlike the bucket of slime or the newest LOL Surprise, the memories, feelings, and blessings will stick with them for their whole lives.

We enjoy documenting these memories through pictures and videos to help relive the special moments of yesteryear with our favorite people, and to share these traditions with others.

I know our children will treasure these traditions when they’re older, especially when they’re building traditions of their own.

What traditions do you enjoy each year?

Happy holidays! 


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toadstool by Fin & Vince

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December 11, 2019 — Makel Gardner
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