12 Days of Handmade - Kid's Art Ornament


The artwork my little guy brings home from school is probably one of my most favorite things. The problem is that I usually tuck it away in a drawer and it never gets the full admiration it deserves. This year I decided to change that by making some christmas ornaments out of his favorite pieces of art work. It's simple to do and is a great way to cherish those precious little pieces for years to come. Here's how to transform your little one's artwork into simple, handmade ornaments - 

What you will need - 

art work or any drawling, doodle, name, etc of your kiddos 

construction paper



twine/string (for hanging) 


How to - 

- after your selected your kids favorite artwork, cut out the main pieces of it or the part that you want to make into ornaments. For example, my little guy crafted a photo of him and myself so I cut out that portion of his drawing to make into an ornament. 

- after your done cutting, glue the pieces to your construction paper and let dry. 

- after drying, cut shapes out of those pieces (I did a star, heart and the shape of his artwork). 

- after cutting, glue (or tape) a piece of twine to the back of your piece for hanging. 

- hang on the tree! 

These precious little ornaments make for great little keepsakes and gifts to family and friends. I look forward to the years when I pull these out and place them on our tree. So much love in these sweet little pieces! 


xo - Emily 

December 07, 2017 — Kay Haupt
Tags: christmas diy