12 Days of Handmade - DIY Cinnamon Fruit Ornament

November 29, 2017 0 Comments

12 Days of Handmade - DIY Cinnamon Fruit Ornament


Since we showed you how to make a super simple cranberry ornament yesterday, today we are staying on trend with another fun fruit inspired ornament - that involves cinnamon too. This little ornament is perfect for the tree and great to add to your gift wrapping this year... Not to mention, it smell heavenly! Here's how to make this super simple cinnamon fruit ornament....

What you will need:

orange slices (thinly sliced)

apple slices (thinly sliced)

cranberries (optional)

cinnamon sticks 



parchment paper



How to: 

In order to make these little ornaments you will need to first dry your orange and apple slices in the oven. Spread them out on a baking sheet with some parchment paper covering it, and bake your slices for about two and a half hours (give or take) at 200 degrees fahrenheit. As they bake, you will want to occasionally flip the slices. After they are finished baking, remove from oven and let them dry on the counter overnight. 

**note** - apple slices may cook faster than the orange slices so you may have to remove them before the orange slices are done baking. 

Once your slices have completely dried, you are ready to string them using your twine. Cut about a 12in piece of twine and let your little ones string the dried fruit onto it. 

After you've strung your fruit onto the twine, you are ready to add your cinnamon stick. Carefully place your cinnamon stick at the top (horizontally) and tie a knot and bow (as shown below). 

Lastly you will want to make another tie with your leftover lose strands. This will make hanging the ornament on the tree a breeze! 

Stay tuned for day 4! We've got another super fun ornament coming your way! 

xo - Emily